Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Angel Sometimes

 My first fiction book is out! Woo-woo.

 I was, of course, excited when each of my non-fiction books came out, but having AngelSometimes available on Amazon is even more exciting. Probably because the three non-fiction books were based on tons of research and interviewing experts. With Angel Sometimes, Angel came out of my head and onto the page. 

She seemed to come to life and tell me her story, but, of course, she was a character in my imagination. The story is hers. But part of it is mine.

Here on Straight From Hel, I sometimes tell Mermaid Tales - snippets from my time as a mermaid at Aquarena Springs. I get requests for more of those Mermaid Tales.  Angel Sometimes works as a mermaid, although not at a resort show. She's a mermaid at a bar/restaurant called The Aquarium. So, if any of you are wanting to know more about being a mermaid, you'll find it in this book.

Of course, it's different since she's swimming in a more confined area than I did. She's also in more danger than I was since there is only one way in or out of the tank. I, on the other hand, could swim back to the staging hole or just surface. But she does a lot of the things I did as a mermaid, from eating and drinking underwater to spinning dervishes.

The story isn't totally about her swimming as a mermaid, though. It's about her past and how she will ultimately confront that past. You can read more about Angel Sometimes on Amazon, including the beginning pages.

Here's what I call the back cover blurb:
Angel Sometimes has a plan. She's going home to ask her mother why she loved her one day, then threw her out like garbage the next.

Just before her thirteenth birthday, Angel was taken 800 miles from her home in Oklahoma, given $50 and left on South Padre Island, Texas. Four years later, Angel started the trek into her past. She hitchhiked to Austin and got a job swimming as a mermaid in a bar in the music district. At twenty-two, she has friends, a place to live, and a future. When a homeless girl is beaten and a waitress killed, Angel realizes she will never be whole until she confronts her parents.

It's time to quit planning and go home. To do that, she needs three things: her high school diploma, a car and a gun. She has a car. She’s finished her final test for her GED. The only thing she needs is the gun and she knows where to get one.
Another book debuting is The Corner Café, an anthology of short stories. All the authors involved are doing a month long book tour. Drop by and read what Red Tash and her guest have to say about the anthology and their own story. One thing about this book that I think is fabulous is that all royalties go to charity.

I'm hoping to set up a blog tour for Angel Sometimes. Let me know if you'd like to host me. Also, if you decide to spend the $3.99 to buy the book for your Kindle or Kindle app, I hope you like it. If you do, I hope you'll post a review on Amazon or Goodreads or your own blog. If you post a review, let me know and I'll announce it in my newsletter, Doing It Write, which is in its thirteenth year of publication. (Remember to send the direct link to the review or post so I can include that, as well.)


  1. Helen, I will definitely purchase the book on Kindle and read it and write a review and would love to host you on a blog tour.

  2. Hi Karen! Girlfriend, you're up at 2:30 in the morning. Thank you so much for the offer of hosting me.

  3. Good luck Helen and congratulations! I'll certainly be following the book tour (yikes, it's already started...better get going...)

  4. Woohoo! Congrats, Helen. I just picked up Angel Sometimes. If you decide to do a tour for it, my blog is open to you.

  5. Congrats, Helen! This seems like just the thing to get me through those long airport hours. I'm going to grab it for my Kindle today.

  6. Thank you Laura! I'll be in touch.

    Susan, have fun on the tour for The Corner Cafe!

    Laurita, I think ebooks were made for air travel. I sure love my eReader.

  7. Helen,

    I would love to host you on your blog tour.

  8. Thank you Lillie. That would be fabulous.

  9. Congratulations, Helen! That's wonderful news. :)

    You know you're always welcome on my blog.

  10. Congratulations, Helen! Is it in the iBookstore?

  11. Hey Helen
    Congrats!! I'm buying. I'll host. And I like Gila Monster story in the Corner Cafe. You're a great writer - keep it coming.

  12. Thank you Elizabeth and Joanne. I'm definitely going to take you both up on your offers.

    Alex, right now it's only on Amazon. And print books are not ready yet.

  13. Massive congratulations! It must feel wonderful to have your book out there, the hours of writing and work as something you can finally share. :)

  14. Congratulations Helen! I wish I had the courage to try fiction.

  15. You could do it, Glynis. Just listen to the characters in your head.


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