Saturday, March 31, 2012

Book Review: False Front

 False Front by Diane Fanning is the latest in the Lucinda Pierce mystery series. Pierce is a Homicide Investigator who’s called out to a home where a woman has been found hanging from the second floor balcony. Suicide or murder? This is not Pierce’s first time to a scene like this and she’s not jumping to any conclusions.

But this is not just a book about Pierce trying to unknot the twists in the case. It’s also about her boyfriend, FBI Special Agent in Charge Jake Lovett, who’s off on a case of his own, which involves a murder three decades old. Their two cases collide, though, when Lovett comes across a connection between them. Sharing notes and information doesn’t necessarily make things easier.

Lucinda Pierce is a formidable protagonist. She’s smart, determined, loving and flawed. You would want her on your side. You would not want to be on her wrong side. The case is complicated with lots of twists.

This is not my first book by Diane Fanning nor my first Lucinda Pierce book. In 2009, I reviewed Punish the Deed and in 2010 I reviewed Twisted Reason.

Each Lucinda Pierce book gets more complex. While each paints a cold picture of crime and evil, Fanning also lets us see a warm still-developing picture of Lucinda Pierce.


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I give False Front by Diane Fanning a rating of Hel-of-a-Character.
FTC Disclaimer: I paid for False Front and felt no obligation to review it. Diane is a friend of mine, but that did not influence my review. She has tons of best-selling true crimes out, four books in the Lucinda Pierce series, and one in the Molly Mullet series. You may have seen her on shows like 20/20 or 48 Hours. I could have mentioned about a half-dozen shows, but I won’t because I can’t get them because Time Warner won’t hook us up so we can’t get cable. And more than likely, Lucinda Pierce will end up being a series on cable. On the crime network, if there’s such a channel. Or on FX. Is that a channel? I wouldn’t know. I … can’t … get … cable.


  1. I have cable and never watch it. 500 channels of junk. Books are much more entertaining.

  2. You're right Laura. Sometimes I hear of something on cable and wish I could get it, but more than likely, if I had it, I'd just end up watching one or two favorites and ignoring the rest. And complaining. Because, well, I'm good at complaining - or at least I've had lots of experience at it.

  3. I have over 20 books waiting for me on my Kindle, but looks like it's soon going to be 21... Sounds great!

    And that song you were thinking of? Tell Laura I Love Her. I think. I had to sing it through to get to the chorus, but I think it's righ! :)

  4. Sounds like a good book, Hel. But I have to ask: Did you really write this post at 4 a.m.? Lawdamercy!

  5. No cable? Sheeesh ... I'm breaking out into cold sweats just thinking about that.

  6. I don't have cable either. I gave up after having to battle with them each month when the bill came and the price went up between 11% and 25% for no apparent reason.
    I'll add this to my list of books - looks like she has many intriguing plot lines.


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