Saturday, March 17, 2012

Book Review: The Dividing Season

The Dividing Season by Karen Casey Fitzjerrell is historical fiction. Under her hand, though, the place, people, and time come alive. The main character, Nell Miggins, lives in tough times, but the times have not made her tough. They have, however, made her strong. Her way of thinking and living were different from mine, but her desires and worries are ones I could identify with.

She runs a Texas cattle ranch handed down to her by her father. She is not totally alone because she has men working for her who help to herd the cattle and take care of the ranch. She has reached a time in her life when she wants more. She wants to travel, to step out of her normal life, even though she is past the time when she might have married and had children. She also accepts that she’s past the time when she might have found love.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Dividing Season. It moves quickly. The characters emerge as real and unique people. Nell Miggins charts her own path and accepts the consequences of her decisions. The story felt real and true to the time period and place. Each character is well-defined and brought to life.

There’s a lot of action and adventure in the story, but the true glory of the story are the characters.


I give The Dividing Season a rating of Hel-O! I believe this is Karen Casey Fitzjerrell’s first book. I am tapping fingers as I wait for the next.
FTC Disclaimer: Karen Casey Fitzjerrell is a friend of mine. That did not influence my review. Also, I paid for my copy of The Dividing Season. I liked it so much, I bought a copy for my sister and my aunt. I’m hoping neither of them read my blog…otherwise, Happy Birthday! The Texas setting might have influenced me to buy The Dividing Season because I’ve lived in Texas since I was ten. It was so interesting to see how things were back in 1910. (Pay attention, y’all. I said I’ve lived in Texas since I was ten, not that I was born in 1910.) The closest I’ve come to a ranch is my uncle’s ranch, The Rocking TP. I loved the sign they used to have at the ranch gates: a teepee sitting in a rocking chair drinking a mug of beer. Have I mentioned that my aunt and uncle have an actual bar in their house? With swinging bar doors? And a stuffed bobcat and rattlesnake and pictures on the wall that made the bar off limits to the young’uns. Thankfully, I’m not a young’un anymore. I do like the swiveling stools and the choice of tap pulls.


  1. Oh no another great sounding novel I must read.... If you could see the number of books I have sitting in my PC Kindle and besides my book. Gosh, I just wish I had more time to read.

    Thank you for making it harder for me to choose which book to read next, Helen :-)

  2. I think that's the best endorsement - when you buy the book for others!
    The Rocking know I thought of toilet paper first, right? :)

  3. Laura, I suspect you thought that because you've tp'ed a house or two on Halloween.

  4. This sounds like an intriguing read. I'm with Laura, I thought of rocking toilet paper!

  5. Helen, if you were born in 1910, then you'd look damn good for someone over a hundred!

  6. Why, thank you Alex. Thank you very much. (I said that with an Elvis swag.)

    Ann and Laura, I've never even thought of toilet paper. Probably because I remember the sign with the teepee.

  7. Looks like a great read! I have been downloading so many books lately, I need to take a month just to catch up, but I am totally addicted!

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  8. Thanks for the review. And I don't believe you were born in 1920, although I do believe you're a mermaid.

  9. Did Nell leave the farm, for some times? I always admire farmers. They are at the mercy of weather and the sharks up the retail chains. It takes a lot of courage and stamina to stick around.

    Steamy Darcy

  10. The book sounds interesting ... but I think I'd like your uncle's ranch better.

  11. I certainly sounds like an enchanting book that I plan to read. Thanks for the review!

  12. I was hooked with the MC's name! Now, I need to figure out how to read it while sitting inside those swinging doors at your Aunt and Uncle's ranch!

  13. Ooh, Liza, what a great idea for a party. Bring books and read at the bar. Don't think my aunt and uncle would go for it, though. Maybe though.....

    Yes, Enid, Nell does leave the ranch. And goes far away. Where things happen that would never have happened if she'd stayed home.


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