Thursday, March 01, 2012

Book Review: Archive of Fire

 Archive of Fire, Sentinel Book One by Betsy Dornbausch is a dark urban fantasy. Twins Aidan and Kaelin have been trained by their mother to fight and kill since they were young kids. She has told them their father descended from the demon Asmodai. When the book starts, they are teenagers and nothing has ever happened. Until their mother disappears and they are kidnapped by their father. They reluctantly join their father and the Sentinel, a coalition of demidemon rebels who work to protect humans from demons.

The twins end up separated and unsure who to trust. They join with the demidemons to protect humankind, but that means trusting their father. And when their mother returns, they’re not sure they can trust her either.

Humans can’t detect the demons and demidemons, so they don’t see what goes on around them. The story is complicated, but woven well. The twins get separated and aren’t sure if either will survive.

I don’t know if this is classified as adult or YA, but either group could read it. There’s a lot of fighting and pain, and in places it was intense. On the other hand, it’s also a tale of two brothers finding their way in a world they didn’t know existed.


I give Archive of Fire by Betsy Dornbausch a rating of Hel-of-a-Story.
FTC Disclaimer: I believe I downloaded this book for free. But getting it for free – or paying for it – does not influence my review. I had heard of demigods before, but had not heard of demidemons. But it makes sense that if there’s one there’s the other. Like, if there are shoes, there must be feet. If there are mothers, there must be children. If there are spelling bees, there must be bees. If there are dragonflies, there must be dragons. And if there are Demi Moores there probably are Demi Lesses.


  1. Yes there are dragons. Unfortunately, there are flies as well.

  2. Demidemons! Who knew? :) I haven't read much urban fantasy, but my son has. I'll share your review with him...thanks!

  3. And if there is a demi-glace there might be a delicious pork chop with mushrooms somewhere?

  4. I like the sound of this one. And between adult and YA sounds like my series.


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