Thursday, January 19, 2012

Book Review: Chronic Fear

Chronic Fear by Scott Nicholson is a thriller, the second in his Fear series. Because I haven’t read the first book, in the beginning I felt a little lost among the characters and action, but I was able to sort them out and join in the race. Chronic Fear starts off fast and never lets up on the pace.

I won’t delve into the plot except to say it involves designer drugs that after you read the book you will hope remains only fiction. But the story is about more than the creation of these drugs. It is about the people who were used for testing of the drugs, politics, the devastation the drugs caused to human life, and the disaster the drugs could bring upon the future if they are recreated.

Chronic Fear picks up a year since the drug trials. Those who knew about the drugs are either dead or keeping quiet. But there are those in the government who want the formula so they can use it to further their political ambitions. There are also some who were the guinea pigs in the original testing who want it for their own reasons. The four main characters (two couples) who were all part of the original testing have moved on in their lives, each in different directions, each at different levels of recovery. None are whole. Some are only barely holding onto sanity. All are broken in one way or the other.

Chronic Fear is high in intensity and moves at a fast pace. Take time to know the characters. What you believe about them will be tested as the plot moves forward. By the end, I didn’t know who was better off – those who survived or those who didn’t.

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I give Chronic Fear by Scott Nicholson a rating of Hel-of-a-Tense-Book.
FTC Disclaimer: I have nothing to claim or disclaim except that “knowing” Nicholson via the Internet did not influence my review. That’s the claim part. The disclaim part would be that I should not have used the word “knowing” since having read two books of his and getting a mass email letting everyone know he had a new book out is not exactly “knowing” him. But in the name of full disclosure, I should let you know, Scott’s computer is haunted. He didn’t tell me that, but I just know it. Alright, I don’t know but I am claiming it and I do believe he would not disclaim my claim. If he reads this he would probably claim that I’m a nut. But I would disclaim that. Probably.


  1. Your disclaimers rock!
    Concept reminds me of the beginning of Firestarter.

  2. I'm sucking air in after laughing until I hyperventilated over your disclosure. And if my laughing didn't go quite that distance, I won't disclaim it. You are hilarious. I still want to see you publish a book with all your disclaimers in it!
    The book sounds intriguing. I'll start with the first one, though.
    Congrats on your S#$%^& (insert your new title because I've already forgotten the intitials) promotion!

  3. Now I want to read a book about a haunted computer!

    I do like reading about characters who we *think* we know, who we don't actually know. I'll have to check this one out. :)

  4. But a lovable nut. This sounds intense.

  5. Yes, I am a nut. A cracked nut.

  6. Yes, Margo, it is creepy that I'm a cracked nut. Oh, you meant the book - I would describe it as intense.

  7. I've been in a thriller mood of late. I'll check this out. Lots in the news on drugs, designer drugs, drugs being forced or unknowingly given to people. Be interesting to see how he develops his story.


  8. Helen, that disclaimer was inspired dementia ... my kinda humor.

  9. Thank you Christopher, I consider that a compliment from the King


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