Thursday, January 12, 2012

Author Sylvia Dickey Smith

Join me today over on The Blood-Red Pencil where I’m interviewing award-winning author Sylvia Dickey Smith. I asked her about the Texas Press Women’s Award, the award she won last year. (Then she went on to place second in Nationals.)

Here are three reasons to go read this post:
1. Sylvia tells who won first place in Nationals (expect to smile, if not laugh out loud).
2. Sylvia has a new book out this year, The Swamp Whisperer, and she tells us whether she’ll enter it in the Texas Press Women’s Award for 2012.
3. And if you’ve never heard of your state’s Press Award, you’ll want to read what she says about the categories under which you could enter your own book.

So link over and read the post. Remember to leave a comment. You can also share the post on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

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