Thursday, December 01, 2011

Book Review: The Temple Mount Code

 The Temple Mount Code is a thriller. Charles Brokaw, who wrote The Temple Mount Code, is a New York Times bestselling author. This is the third in Brokaw’s “Code” series. Before this, he wrote The Atlantis Code and The Lucifer Code. But this is the first book I’ve read by him.

The story starts off with Professor Thomas Lourds heading to a dig in China. He’s not there very long, just long enough to make a discovery, before he heads off to Jerusalem at the request of a friend. And from there to the end of the book, it’s a race to stay alive and save people around him. Oh, and to find what everyone is looking for and willing to kill for … Mohammad’s Koran.

The dig in China is very interesting, but once Lourds heads out to find his friend who seems to be in trouble, the pace and action races. It reminded me of The Da Vinci Code, as far as the scholarly knowledge Lourds has, but it also reminded me of a thriller movie with the fast pace, chases, fights, and exotic settings. Since Professor Lourds has starred in Brokaw’s other books, you can guess that he will survive, but it’s all bets off on everyone else. There are also some formidable women in the book. I especially liked Miriam.

Lourds is smart like Robert Langdon, can fight like Jason Bourne, and loves like James Bond. Roll them together and you’ve got a moo-vie! (That’s my prediction, anyway.)


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FTC Disclaimer: The Temple Mount Code was sent to me by Alexis Saarela with Forge Publicity. That did not influence my review. Although I have to admit, it’s cool to get a book sent to me from New York. But not as cool as getting a book all the way from South Africa, which I did when Lauri Kubuitsile sent me her book! As you can surmise, I like books set in new-to-me locations. Although… The Temple Mount Code takes you to places you’d probably rather not go in real life. Places even scarier than a college dorm bathroom.


  1. Sounds like it could be a movie soon.

  2. I'm with Alex--sounds like it could be a good film.

  3. Langdon, Bourne, and Bond rolled into one ... finally a real competitor for moi!

  4. Christopher, you would sling him over your shoulder, laughing the whole time.

  5. College dorm bathroom...that would be the ultimate in scariness. :)
    It does sound like movie material!

  6. Do they still do communal bathrooms in college dorms, Laura? Those were not fun.

  7. Wow - now THAT is a review that makes me want to read this book - good job, Helen!

    Marvin D Wilson


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