Thursday, September 01, 2011

Writers’ League of Texas

I titled this post “Writers’ League of Texas” because they’re one of the big organizations for writers in my state. Also because I know the organization fairly well since I’ve served on the Board and as its Executive Director. But the post is also to direct your attention to whatever writers’ association or group in your area.

WLT puts on lots of events or opportunities, including the huge Agents Conference. Last year, they also did a YA Conference. They have classes, a blog, a weekly email newsletter, and a lot more. Right now, they’re having Tuesday Night Tech Talks.

A new thing they have is the opportunity for writers to sub-rent space. So if you’ve been looking for an office, maybe even one you could get another author to go in with you to rent, check out the League. I didn’t see anything on their site about it, but give them a call if you’re interested in having a quiet place to write. They’ll tell you what’s included in the rent, the size of the rooms, and the cost.

If you live in the central Texas area, but aren’t a member, sign up.

If you live too far to take advantage of the classes, workshops and conferences, look in your area. What groups are there? If there is a group, what is the focus of that group? Is it what you’re looking for? If not, keep looking. If it is, go to a meeting to see what they’re like and what they’re doing.

Writing doesn’t have to be self-taught. And writing doesn’t have to be lonely. Meet like-minded people. Don’t pass up the opportunity to make writer-friends in your area, whatever state you live in.


  1. I'm really too far to join up with WLT!:)

    But thankfully writer's organisations/groups are starting to spring up here as well. Previously, the literary community was all focused in Cape Town, but in the past few years we've got quite a few great organisations popping up - All About Writing is one, for anyone in or around Johannesburg!
    Judy, South Africa

  2. Hi Helen .. I'm quite looking forward to participating in one or two from the outside looking in - it'll be an interesting experience for me - and obviously so valuable to authors.

    You certainly know your way round that world with your participations, and then share useful information with us ... Cheers Hilary

  3. I'll have to look for one in our area.

  4. I really don't know what's available in my area.

  5. I could not imagine writing alone. I have my blogging buddies and Writers Groups to help. Although I can see the advantages to belonging to a group of local writers.

    And I'll check out that link to Character Arc. Looks might interesting!

  6. I'm glad to hear y'all have groups or writer friends. Writing can be lonely if you're all alone. Plus, you can learn a lot from others.

  7. I agree, Helen. Writing with other writers is fun. I liked the online sprint writing challenge I did in June. We gathered at 8 pm each night, wrote for 20 min, chatted for 5 min and wrote for another 20 min.

    Every Savage Can Reproduce

  8. To paraphrase one of my idols ... I would never belong to an organization that would have me as a member.

  9. Helen,

    Thanks for the information on the Writers League of Texas. It is a great organization and I've taken some great classes there.

    Ann Summerville and I belong to a great writing/critique workshop in edford Texas: Trinity Writers Workshop. Hope you will check us out as well.


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