Thursday, August 25, 2011

What’s Your Expertise?

I read an article in CIO about a guy who had a start-up business called JibberJobber, a service for job seekers. He also had another idea – to write a book about using LinkedIn for job searching. Pretty soon, he had a publishing contract.

Zip forward five years. He’s sold 12,000 copies and earned just under $100,000. His company has “credibility” because of his book. He’s now considered an authority.

In the article, he goes on to tell readers how they, too, can do what he did.

Now, before you all zip over to read the article, leave a comment and tell us what kind of book you would write and about what? What expertise do you have that you could put in a book and re-make yourself as an expert who would be paid to speak at conferences and other venues? What would be your book’s title? Or, give us a one-line tease for your book.


  1. The magic in that whole story is this lovely, casual statement: "Pretty soon he had a publishing contract."

    One line teaser: How to live the fun life abroad even when the water stops flowing, the electricity goes of and the wine is finished.

  2. Workwise, I'm actually working on a book and a phone app right now. Hope they will help me to establish as a speaker.

    Every Savage Can Reproduce

  3. "Movies That Don't Suck"
    Hey, you asked!

  4. Great article!

    Mine would be: Title: How To Eat Pigs Testicles Without Upsetting The Locals.

    Opening hook...
    Chewing on what you are now convinced you have translated as pig balloons is no easy feat. The art of chewing and smiling -without spitting said contents across the room- is not an easy one.


  5. Glynis, ewww.

    Think substitute teaching isn't for you? In this lousy economy, think again. It's not as bad as you think. I promise. Read this book and gain the confidence to be thrown in a different situation each and every day.

    Tip#: Subs are scared to teach gym. Gym is easy, I swear. Armed with my chapter on easy and fun games and a whistle, you'll through PE like a breeze!

  6. He is correct! That's why I wrote my self-help book - to give myself credibility as a motivational speaker. Now I'm working on a publishing and promoting book to back the talks I give on that subject.

  7. Surviving the Ax: Taking a Corporate Layoff and Running with it.

    Corporate downsizings inflict trauma and pain on their victims. But by following my tips for successful growth and renewal, you will come to celebrate your pink slip receipt as the day your best life began.

  8. Cute tease, Miss Footloose.

    Enid, I want to hear more about that phone app - what it is and how you did it!

    Alex, those are far and few between sometimes.

    Glynis, that is soooo funny.

    Theresa, sounds like you know what you're talking about.

    You are definitely another great example, Diane.

    Liza, you're another one whose tease sounds like you know of what you speak.

  9. I wish I could figure out what my expertise is! I can't figure out what I'm good at.

  10. Great comments. I hope to expand on my self publishing guide. So many great manuscripts out there tucked away or collecting dust.

  11. I'm still sort of an insecure speaker, although I do a good bit of it. I'd probably do a writing book. :)

  12. Oh, Elizabeth, I wish you would....
    I've actually thought about this a lot, since I wrote non-fiction for 30+ years - my expertise was marketing and public relations. But I have no desire to write about that. I guess if I was into this as a career, I'd write specifically about healing from early childhood trauma and sexual abuse and how weight issues tie into that. Have no idea what the title would be -it's too early in the am.

  13. I admire people who can write about their own lives. I have no desire to write about my childhood, although bits and pieces find their way into my fiction.

  14. I do have an LinkedIn profile, and once I got a job offer (which I didn't accept) from a guy who read my profile.

    My expertise is geophysics, I guess, but my book is about everything else >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  15. The book we're currently working on is called: "Go Ye Means Me: How I Drove a Bank Robbery Getaway Car to the Mission Field."

  16. I've been toying with the idea of writing a book on classroom management - how you can fun and teach at the same time :)

  17. Jemi and Liza, it sounds like your book ideas would be helpful to a lot of other folks. As for me, I am so busy with my fiction, I wouldn't want to go back to writing nonfiction books.

  18. Great ideas for books. And some catchy titles!

  19. Ten ways to fail at marketing your new book ... or more if you need 'em.

  20. I guess I could write about disability and tricks to know to get through everyday life. However, the market right now is sick to death about all the talk of disability. Such is life.

  21. That's cute, Christopher.

    Glynis, I haven't kept up with the marked for books on disability, so I can't argue, but it seems like, although it might not be a large market, it would still have readers.


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