Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sheee’s Back!

Just over three months ago, author Donna Fletcher Crow stopped by Straight From Hel to talk about promoting her book in England and here in the States – or, as she called it, Swimming the Pond. I invited her to come back and talk about how the launch went. She’ll be here tomorrow to tell us how she’s doing.

Back in June, her book, A Very Private Grave, had just been released in the UK, but was not released in the U.S. until September. Donna has not only been working with two release dates, but with two publicists.

Here’s a brief blurb about the book:
Felicity Howard, a wide-eyed, strong-willed, full-steam-ahead young American woman, who found teaching Latin to London school children boring, takes herself off to remotest Yorkshire to study in a theological college run by monks. Well, what else can she do with a classics degree? When her favorite monk is brutally murdered and Felicity finds her church history lecturer with blood all over his hands the fun really begins.
Not only has Donna released A Very Private Grave in the UK and in the US, she’s also had another release during that time – The Shadow of Reality as an Ebook.

Here’s the cover blurb for The Shadow of Reality:
The setting was all her fantasies come true:  an elegant English manor house in the 1930's.

The man was even more than she had dreamed:  Sir Gavin Kendall— sophisticated, brilliant, rich and captivated by her. Lord Peter Wimsey come to life.

Will Elizabeth's lifelong dreams become reality or will she fall prey to the vicious murderer lurking in the shadows at an exotic mystery weekend high in the Rockies?
Will Elizabeth discover the narrow line between fantasy and reality in time to achieve her dreams?
So, come back tomorrow to hear what Donna’s life has been like since June. To give you a hint, she’s titled her post: Still Schizophrenic.


  1. I bet she has a very interesting perspective on publishing by having a book release on both sides of the pond! Nice cover. I'll come back tomorrow! :)

  2. Sounds like she's been everywhere at once!

  3. I like that - still schizophrenic. :)
    Thanks for the blurbs! I'll be back tomorrow.

  4. She's definitely been busy, in a really fun way!

  5. What a wild time! No wonder she chose that title. This should be a great visit.

  6. Seems to me, it would be a crazy time for her - but also a whole lot of fun or, at least, exciting.

  7. Love her post title. It will be fascinating to learn about the difference in the publishing "cultures."

  8. You gotta love her article title! Premise sounds interesting. I'll try and make it back here tomorrow and see what she has to say. :-)

  9. Cold, you sound like Schwarzenegger.

  10. Yes, I'm just like Schwarzenegger ... well, except that I rely on my mind more than my body >;)))

    Cold As Heaven

  11. And you're much more modest.


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