Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Handwriting Sucks

I used to have beautiful handwriting. Now that I do everything on the computer, my handwriting stinks. So it’s ironic that Carol Kilgore passed on to me the handwriting meme. Clearly, she has not received a handwritten note from me.

For this meme, everything has to be handwritten. Here goes:

1. Full name and Blog name.

2. Right handed, left handed, or both?
3. Favorite letters to write
4. Least favorite letters to write

5. Write "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

My handwriting is so bad, I wrote them all lower-case.

7. Write the lyrics to your favorite song.
Okay, this is not my favorite song, but it was the first that came to mind. I think it’s by the Monkees, but I could be wrong. It came out like a million years ago.

8. Tag seven (7) VERY SPECIAL BLOGS with a unique drawing or doodle.
I cheated on this one and named three and instead of doodling, I added my favorite zebra paper clip and a naked Mardi Gras baby. But to try to spice things up, I wrote the names backwards.

Alex at Alex J. Cavanaugh

Stephen at Breakthrough Blogs

Karen at Karen…following the Whispers

I feel certain these three bloggers have beautiful handwriting. I’m afraid they might be rule breakers, like me, though.

Am I the only one whose handwritten has deteriorated since the advent of the computer?


  1. Your handwriting looks great, at least compared to mine.

    When I was in 3rd grade, I had to take extra classes in handwriting. I was spelling everything correctly, no problem, but the teacher thought it was ugly. I didn't care; it was that same crazy teacher who cured me for religious belief once and for all, with her fanatic ideas, so I didn't believe in anything she said ... that's why my handwriting is still ugly >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  2. Penmanship at Catholic School was a daily lesson. I always received "A" on my work.

    Doubt that would happen now.

    It's Herman's Hermits who sang the Henry song. ;)

  3. Your handwriting is better than mine. I was going to tell you that Herman's Hermits sand Henry the Eighth, but I see Marisa beat me to it.

  4. Helen, your handwriting is far nicer than mine! I don't even do cursive anymore, just print, because it's so bad.

  5. Your handwriting is great. I had thought of that song in ages now it'll be running through my mind all day. LOL (I think it was Herman's Hermits too.)

    Thoughts in Progress

  6. Even though I'm on the computer often, when I write, I mostly use cursive. It hasn't really changed much, but when I am writing with a pen, the process somehow feels a little rusty ...

  7. I still keep quite a bit of my notebook handwritten, so my handwriting hasn't deteriorated that much. Sure, it's not nearly as neat as when I was in junior high, penning love letters for unrequited crushes, but it's also still plenty legible.

  8. This strikes home for me. As the mom of a 2nd grader with wild handwriting, we are all trying to improve our printing skills around here. :)

  9. Cold As Heaven, it would seem you were a rebellious child and it has served you well in adulthood.

    That's it, Marissa! I still know all the words.

    Diane, I hear that a lot of elementary schools don't even teach cursive anymore.

    Mason, it is one of those that can play and replay in your head, isn't it?

    Joanne, about the only time I write by hand anymore is to write checks to pay bills. Bleh.

    Ahh, MJenks, you wrote love letters? That's so sweet.

    K.Harrington, I hope you're having fun with it. Second grade is a great time for kids.

  10. I can read it just fine, Helen.

    My handwriting is good and clear, unless I'm in a hurry, lolol!

  11. Thanks, Helen! I was tagged a couple weeks ago, so my handwriting is covered. And yours is nice!

  12. I beg to differ with you, but your handwriting is quite readable!

  13. In school I won awards for my penmanship. Now you can hardly read it -- looks like a foreign language.
    I don't think a lot of schools even teach penmanship anymore.

  14. Nothing wrong with your handwriting. Mine's always been not so good. In elementary, it was always the worst grade on my report card. And that meant Mom made me practice more.

    I love rule breakers!

  15. Hi Helen,
    Well, thanks for thinking my handwriting might be nice, but uh uh. It never was. And thanks for tagging me, but I have a dilemma. I don't have a clue how to post handwritten thingies onto the computer other than scanning them in, and I don't really have time for that - everyone I know is in crisis. But I'll answer the questions. Thank you.

  16. I love that you chose Henry the Eighth! :)

    I have terrible handwriting - always have, always will, computers or not!

  17. My handwriting actually isn't that bad - but I have noticed that it deteriorates the longer I write. Thus, I am grateful for keyboards, not the least because I can type far faster than I can write by hand.

  18. Every year it's on my list of things to improve but my handwriting isn't what it used to be and I mostly print. It was good to see you at the museum last week-end.All the sessions at the book festival were wonderful.

  19. I could read every word...well, except for those backwards ones!

  20. Karen, I just took a picture of what I wrote.

    Liza, I didn't do such a good job of writing backward. I forgot to turn letters around like the B and the K and the e and g and, well, just about all of them.

    I heard that, too, Mary. Some schools don't teach cursive writing anymore.

    Hi Ann! I've been meaning to write you and ask who all you saw at the Book Festival. Since I never get to leave AMOA, I only hear who comes there. They were quite good this year, but I miss getting to roam around to other venues!

  21. Congratulations on your award. I think your handwriting looks pretty good and it’s easy to read. My handwriting has definitely gone downhill and the computer is the only thing I have to blame it on.

  22. Your handwriting is great!! At least everyone can read it!

  23. I think your hand writing is better than average. I had a hand injury in the early years of primary school and missed out on lots of penmanship lessons. I still don't hold my pencil correctly so I'll use that as an excuse for poor skills and not the computer.

  24. I love that your favorite song is Henry VIII. And it is now going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the evening. Which is fine because there are certainly worse songs to have stuck there.

    Back when I was teaching, a student aide once told me that I had beautiful handwriting and that it dated me. Since I think I was only about 30 at the time, I was less than thrilled with being dated.

  25. That's great handwriting!! I 'never' had very good 'left handed'.. hand not upside down, turned around like my friends. LOL

    Very cute meme and post!!

    Hope you're having a wonderful week!!!

    Big Hug,

  26. I hadn't thought about good handwriting dating the person. But it's probably true!

  27. I still use my cursive writing on kids' assignments in school so that helps me out a bit. But it's still not very good!

  28. I could read everything you wrote.
    Even my checks look like someone from the basket weaving factory wrote them these days. I hardly ever write anything long hand. And when I do, sometimes I can't read it afterwards.


  29. I think your handwriting is great and I like that your broke some of the rules. :) You're definitely not alone in the deterioration of the truly written word since the advent of computers, however. I just wrote a couple birthday cards and found myself having to slow down and concentrate so they would be legible.

  30. Interesting you should write about handwriting, gave me a real deja vu moment ... in the past few weeks, I've realized how much I miss writing by hand.

    So much so that I've returned to journaling on paper not screen - and I'm having a blast writing with the new disposable extra-fine point fountain pen I found online. (Pilot Varsity, less than 3 bucks from Office Depot if you're interested).

    I blogged about it last week, all pen-proud, also pondering the psychological aspects of handwritng that a forensic expert shared with me.

    More here if you're interested, Im typing too much:


    Thanks for the meme!

  31. I just saw the post below today's and saw that you reviewed Water for Elephants, I own the book but have never read it. I didn't know the elephant was the main character.

    I really like your handwriting. It's so neat.


  32. Really good post!


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