Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hundreds of Authors

In less than a month, you can have free access to over two hundred authors – hear them speak, buy their books, get autographs. Start making your plans now.

The Texas Book Festival has announced the names of the authors who will be coming to the Festival on October 16 – 17. Clicking on the link will take you to the list. If you hover your pointer over an author’s name, you can click to find out more.

Also now up is where and when you can find your favorite authors, along with the subject matter, moderator or emcee. You can even set up your own schedule of who you want to see and then print it out. Clicking on the underlined title of each event will bring up a pop-up screen with more information.

If you scroll down on the Calendar page – scroll, scroll, until you come to Austin Museum of Art, you’ll find me! Okay, not me as an author. In fact, my name’s not mentioned at all. But…if you find something at AMOA that interests you, put it on your calendar and also make a note to say “hi” since I’ll be there all day, both days.

Okay, you’re taking too much time to check out the writers and artists who will be at AMOA. I’m so excited, I’m going to list them for you!

On Saturday:
Terry Allen with Katy Vine, moderator
Steven and Reefka Schneider with Dahlia Guerra doing the introduction
Matthew White with Helen Thompson, moderator
Marianne Stockebrand with Ned Rifkin, moderator

On Sunday:
Geoff Winningham with Richard Holland doing the introduction
DJ Stout with John Spong doing the introduction
David Bush and Jim Parsons with Judy Taylor doing the introduction
Arthur Andersson and Chris Wise with Helen Thompson, moderator

Of course, there are other things you can do at TBF – visit the exhibitors’ tents, listen to bands in the Music tent, take your kids to the Kids’ Tent, walk around inside the Capitol, visit the food tents.

But if you come to the Book Festival and don’t find me at the Austin Museum of Art and give me a hug, I’m gonna haunt you. You’re probably wondering how I would know you were there in the first place. Well… I have my ways. Okay, I don’t have even one way, let along multiple ways. It’s true, I would have no idea. Besides, by the end of Sunday, I’m ready to collapse and am too tired to haunt anybody.

So… come, enjoy, meet the authors, celebrate books! And it’s not too late to volunteer to do something at this year’s Festival. You get a free t-shirt!


  1. Sigh, I really wish I COULD go ... bad timing for The Old Silly I'm afraid. But thanks for sharing that list, and have a great time, Helen. Should be AWESOME!

  2. Wow, quite full on! But I'm like 10,000 km away. Pity. Have fun. Did you hear that Austin is the sexist city in USA? So I've written a drabble called Austin Austen.

    My Darcy Mutates…

  3. How fun! Wish I could be there.

  4. I wish all of y'all could be here, too.

    Enid, I hadn't heard Austin is the sexiest city. Not surprised, though. It's a great eclectic town.

  5. If I could go, I'd definitely come over and give you a hug! I wouldn't want you to haunt me. :)

  6. I probably wouldn't be any good at haunting, Laura. I sleep pretty soundly and doesn't most haunting take place at night?

  7. This sounds like a wonderful event, Helen. I remember you writing about it last year and how much you enjoyed it. Wish I could join you and meet in person.

  8. I'd love to meet you, too, Karen! It is a great event with things going on in the Capital building, on the grounds and streets nearby. There's even a huge gala event on Friday, I think it's Friday, but it's out of my price range. The Saturday and Sunday events are all free, though.

  9. Wish I lived a little closer and could be there! I remember your talking about this festival last year and how much fun it was.

    I bet you *are* exhausted by the end of the weekend! I felt that way at Malice Domestic in April...too much time with people! Even *nice* people can tire us out. :)

  10. oh, I so wish I could go. I'll be at Word on the Street in Halifax, though! I love booky folk.

  11. Jan, have fun at Word. It's re-energizing to go to a conference or a festival where the focus is on writers and authors.

  12. Since I'll be unable to get to Texas at all, please don't haunt me!

  13. Can't promise that, Alex. But since I'm scared of the dark, I'll only haunt you in the daylight.

  14. Wow. That's quite a line-up. I wish I could be there. :-)

  15. Now this sounds like a fabulous way to spend a weekend. Better start shakin' down everyone who owes me money!

  16. I hope you can raise a lot, JP. I'd probably be able to gather about thirty cents.


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