Friday, May 21, 2010

Advice from a New Writer

Holly Robinson, over on The Huffington Post, had some good advice for her fellow writers. She calls it “helpful tips about book flogging.”

1. Move Post Online Lurking
No matter what your online comfort, it's time to quit lurking on other people's blogs and facebook pages. Blast yourself into the blogosphere.
2. Be a Blurb Slut
Google the agents and editors of other writers and grovel. Ask friends of friends of friends and grovel some more.
3. Do Not Snort on National Public Radio
Sandra Bullock can snort and make it seem sexy. Not all of us have that gift.
4. Bookstore Readings Don't Sell Many Books, But Do Them Anyway
Do bookstore readings on your own - it's fun and a great way to connect.
5. Ignore the Siren Call of Amazon
Amazon numbers fluctuate every hour and only tell you how you're doing relative to other books. THESE ARE NOT REAL SALES FIGURES.
6. Contact Book Clubs
Although these clubs are often small - maybe a dozen people at most, usually women - they offer a chance for you to get important feedback from readers and will make you truly believe that what you do is worthwhile.
7. Even When Your Publicist Quits, You Can't
Publicizing a book successfully is a lot like writing: all you need is staying power and a willingness to try anything.
I’ve only given you little snippets of what she had to say, so click over and read the full article.

Of these 7 tips, which one is your favorite?
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  1. Oh, of COURSE I like the NPR one. :) If I ever *got* a gig on NPR, I'd remember that rule!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. As much as I enjoyed the tip about snorting, my favourite was the one about public readings. I enjoy listening to authors read from their books. I may not always buy if it isn't my taste, but if I like the author and the reading I will remember it and suggest to other I think will enjoy it.

  3. Those are great - especially the snorting!
    And I totally agree with #4. Bookstores have become the worst place to sell books.

  4. I'd say #6 would be a very good one because even if that crowd is small, each one of those people know lots of other people. One fun meeting for them to turn into a lot of "word of mouth" free publicity.

    Thoughts in Progress

  5. Crossing snorting off my list right now.

  6. The snorting one is good, but for practical purposes, the favorite suggestion is the one about not checking your ratings on Amazon.

    Obsessing about that is a garanteed way of driving you crazy, right along with the other ways of checking how you're doing on lists and number stats. Trust me, it kills your creative brain cells.

  7. I agree with #3 Snorting. I got in trouble with that one a long time ago and let me tell you, jail is not a nice place to be!

  8. P.S. Having offered her brilliant insight above, Miss Footloose feels the need to confess to having one of those "Follow Me" counters on her blog to indicate how many readers are entertained by her exotic adventures around the world. She never looks at it though.

    Okay, that's a lie.

  9. I go along with the rest of the crowd here - no snorting! Fun article - I'm off to read the rest of it.

  10. oh, I don't know - I like hearing people snort - it is endearing somehow. I go for number 7 - and believe that underlines all of it. Act like you have a small business because you do - and be fanatical about every detail.

  11. #1, "Blast" yourself into the blogosphere (I like her way with words). In this day and age, it's unarguably necessary.

  12. All of you stopping by should come up with your own list. Y'all are very funny!

  13. Funny and helpful. Thanks.

  14. For me, the first one is most relevant at the moment. Time to get out there again! And though I did read a piece on NPR and didn't snort, I can't say I sounded all that good either!

  15. Bookclubs - I'll have to look into how to find them here in NM.

  16. Favorite?
    All of them.
    Snort :)

  17. Before you read on NPR, practice. And do not practice snorting, or you'll forget and snort during the live reading.

  18. I guess I'll have to not laugh too hard on national radio! Great list :)

  19. ALl great tips. Thanks so much for sharing and for providing the link.

  20. Bookstore readings. I would add--offer to read at libraries and, if appropriate, at school libraries. Librarians love writers. They don't sell books, but they do free advertising every day.

  21. I'm trying the libraries in the summer. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm thinking about the women's clubs also.
    I've done one radio interview and it was terrifying. LOL

  22. They are all excellent, but #2 made me laugh for the way it's stated and #3 for the truth in it.

  23. My favorite, as in funniest, is "3. Do Not Snort on National Public Radio."

    The next time I'm on NPR I'll have to remember that. ;) The Car Talk guys get away with it too, but then, it's their show.

  24. Libraries are great places to speak. And classrooms, too.

  25. These are great tips, and the whole article was so helpful. Thanks for posting the link. Reading what she has to offer almost made me believe I can get out and promote my next book and enjoy it. LOL

  26. These are all funny and wise tips.

    I wouldn't worry about snorting. I'd probably be choking on the sip of coffee I'd take before answering the question. So no snorts for me. Just gasping, coughing.

    Going to read the full article now. Thanks for the link!

  27. Great tips! And I do tend to lurk around other people's websites and blogs. Lately, I've been grinding my teeth while trying to launch myself into Cyber Land through my website, blog, twitter and facebook.

    By 'blurbs', do you mean the little recommendations and accolades that are found on books, such as "____'s writing is fresh, sexy and vibrant...."?

  28. Alyson, the person in this article was indeed meaning those kinds of blurbs. It used to be the publisher would work on getting bigger name authors to "blurb" your book. More and more, that's falling on the author to get.


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