Saturday, April 24, 2010

Report from London Book Fair

The Bookseller, in a report on the London Book Fairs, said publishers must become more adaptable. But…they’re not all in agreement.
 George Lossius, c.e.o. of Publishing Technology, said publishers must be "much more fleet of foot in a world of mobiles and laptops"…

David Miller of Rogers, Coleridge & White … said it was time to stop focusing on digital royalties and instead look at platforms and business models.
On the “new” side, Fionnuala Duggan of Random House Digital, introduced “The Nigella Quick Collection App.” This “app, produced inhouse, has a voice control function to navigate recipes, making it a hands' free cookbook, and integrates social media.”

There were several other announcements in the article.

The voice control app, to me, was intriguing. When I’m cooking and trying to follow a recipe, I tend to make a mess, so a voice control function would be great. I’m also thinking that cookbooks would be ideal for the iPad, with its color function.

Anybody downloaded a cookbook on your iPad? What about a voice control to navigate recipes? Would that appeal to you?
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  1. Sorry, Helen - I downloaded an Alastair Reynolds sci-fi book, but not a cookbook.
    When it also makes the food for you, I'll be so there!

  2. A voice controlled app for cookbooks would be a very handy thing. Now that's an advancement in technology I would try.

    Thoughts in Progress

  3. I'm with Alex, when they can get the person behind the voice to step out of the ipad and cook for me, sign me up.

  4. Voice control recipes? Now we are getting somewhere!

  5. The only voice control I need is shutting my nouth when I cuss becaue I just overcooked the eggs.

    LOL, sorry I haven't been here lately, Helen. Loved your post, as always ... and very cool picture on top of the page you have. Sweet.

  6. Well, I'm with y'all. Let's go for an eReader app that will do the cooking. Let's hear it for The Jetsons!

  7. I've been left behind by the technical revolution and am embarrased to say I have a pay-as-you go phone with no bells and whistles.
    Ann Summerville
    Cozy In Texas

  8. Ann, I think I would call you smart. There are times I would like to go back to an era before cell phones. I love my cell phone, but things seem to be moving at hyper speed.

  9. I think the iPad would be fun - and the cooking option sounds great. One of these days... :)

  10. Voice controlled cookbooks are a great idea. The thing that concerns me, though, is that my cookbooks are all covered in ingredients. I wouldn't want that to happen to an iPad.

    Brain Droppings

  11. Hadn't thought of that, Laurita. Mine, too, are covered in splatters, plus I make notes on them.


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