Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pursuit of Honor

Pursuit of Honor came out in 2009. The author, Vince Flynn, keeps up with the times. In the beginning of his Mitch Rapp series, it seemed that most of the action took place in faraway lands. Mitch took the game to the homelands of the terrorists. In his more recent books, Pursuit of Honor included, the terrorists are on American soil and trying to create havoc.

Pursuit of Honor starts with a bombing in D.C. where 185 people are killed, including high ranking people in the government and CIA employees. Mitch and a colleague step into harm’s way to find the perpetrators. For their efforts, they’re villainized by the politicians. They’re not likely to find themselves in front of a Congressional hearing, though. The CIA has already sent them to find the perpetrators and take them out.

There are a couple of things going on in this book. Rapp has to decide whether to “out” a fellow agent and suffer the consequences if he does. He also has to find the terrorists before they attack again. The question is, what country have they run to? Or are they still in the U.S., hiding and waiting to attack again?

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know I like Vince Flynn and the Mitch Rapp series. Pursuit of Honor is a fast read with lots of action to keep you turning the pages. You may not agree with some of the things Rapp is compelled to do, but you’ll probably feel a bit safer at night, just believing that there might be people like Rapp who are dedicated to the security of the U.S. and its people.
FTC Disclaimer: Just about with all the Vince Flynn books, my husband bought this one and passed it on to me. He bought it in hardback because he didn’t want to wait for paperback. More than likely, he bought it at an airport bookstore when he realized he needed something to read on the trip. Which is why he needs an eReader of some sort. He could download books and have them lined up to read and not have to scour the airport stores which only sell the big name authors. Nothing wrong with big name authors; I’d like to be one. But there are a lot of authors he doesn’t try unless I pass their books on to him. All the airports have the same books. It’s like vanilla ice cream in every story in every city. I like vanilla, but every once in a while I’d like something new and adventurous like wild raspberry toffee. Seems to me the FTC could do something about that. Selling books is a Trade, as in FTradeC.


  1. Commenting not on your post, but on your rant about airport bookstores. There was a time when I used to travel three times a week, and within a month or two, I had exhausted all that all the airport bookstores had to offer.
    If airport bookstores started stocking one shelf of books not by known authors, and not on the bestseller list, not only will they do a lot more business, the entire publishing industry will benefit.

    ~ Rayna

  2. A great review and synopsis of the book! I can't wait for Vince Flynn's next book!

  3. Rayna, I think every airport should, at least, carry book by local authors.

    VinceFlynnFan, you're probably way ahead of me on reading Flynn. I'm still trying to catch up with my husband.

  4. Regarding airport bookstores, I completely agree. I buy my books other places, before I go to the airport. I like these big ones that have everything. My favorites are probably Tattered Cover in downtown Denver and Foyles at Charing Cross Road in London. Campus bookstores in many universities are interesting too >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  5. Your husband needs an iPad! Then he'd have an eReader, be able to watch movies, check the Internet and his email, play games, write a letter...
    I highly recommend one!

  6. ColdAsHeaven, I've never been to Foyles, but love Tattered Covers!

    Alex, he's thinking about an ereader, but is not sure about the iPad. He needs to go look at one. He already carries a laptop when he travels and was thinking of something smaller just for reading.

  7. Airport bookstore...sounds expensive! But looks like it was fast-paced enough to get him through a boring flight...


    Mystery Writing is Murder

  8. Helen, I just love the picture at the top of your blog. It's new, isn't it? So peaceful. Yeah, airport bookstores are so limited. But I'm grateful they are there.

  9. Sounds like a good read. The fast pace would keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what is next.

    Thoughts in Progress

  10. I think my new aim should be to have a book sold in airports!

    I was at the library, trying to remember the name of the author you liked and couldn't do it... writing it down now... :)

  11. Helen, I may never read the Vince Flynn books, but I sure enjoy your disclaimers. After a while you will have enough of them to do a little book. LOL

  12. Hard to think anyone would want the book, Maryann. Maybe I could make it a freebie.

    Jemi, I heard or read once that airport books don't last long unless they sell. At a major airport with many bookstores, a book lasted as long as it took the guy to stock all the stores, then as he began the circle again, if it wasn't selling, it was replaced by a different title.

  13. You may soon convince me to try this series - or convince my husband to buy one at an airport so I can read it later.

  14. Your husband definitely needs an ebook of some sort. My kindle has opened a new world for me. If I read a review of a book that tickles my fancy in THE NEW YORK TIMES, I download it for half the hardback price. And immediately, I can start reading. Even better, I can download the first chapter for free to see if I like it. How cool is that?

    Have a healing weekend. Come check out my blog, WRITING IN THE CROSSHAIRS, pull up a cyber-chair, and chat for awhile. Roland


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