Friday, January 01, 2010


Yesterday, while visiting friends’ blogs, I noticed quite a few listing their resolutions. Now, I don’t usually do resolutions -- primarily because as soon as I say a resolution out loud or write it somewhere, I break it.

If I say I’m going to diet, I follow that up with a cookie. If I announce I’m going to exercise, I then start hanging clothes on the treadmill. If I vow to do a better job at keeping the house clean, I take one look at the bathroom, do an about-face and shut the door behind me.

But this year, I’m saying my resolution here.

I’m going to write some fiction.

I spent 2009 writing non-fiction. Over the year, I turned in three manuscripts and two books are now out, with one in the works. But I missed writing fiction. So that’s my resolution. I’m not saying I’ll finish a manuscript or work on an old one, but I will do something toward a new novel.

And now, I’m not going to ask you to tell your resolution(s). What I’m asking is…what resolution did your protagonist make for 2010, or the upcoming year if you write historicals or books set in other time periods?
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  1. This popped in my head after reading your question.

    A guy shouted out at a New Years party that his resolution for 2010 was to stop drinking. Then he drained his fifth shot of tequila and reached for the champagne as the ball dropped.

    Made me giggle.

  2. Looking forward to the results of your resolution. Good luck with it and Happy 2010!

  3. I don't make resolutions for all the same reasons you listed!

    The resolution Barbie, the protagonist in The Ride, made is to continue to work on loving herself in order to improve her self-esteem.

  4. That sounds like a great resolution, Jane.

  5. I love making resolutions but I'm very kind to myself about keeping them - the secret is, I believe, to not make NOT resolutions. Don't make a resolution to not eat so much - make one to be healthy and trust you will figure it out. So I think your resolution will work this year!
    My protagonist would be making her resolution for 2000. It would be to trust her intuitions and ignore her critical inner voice. (hey, I like that!)
    Happy New Year Dear Dear Helen!!

  6. I'm so excited you're writing fiction!

    Let's see...Lulu would make a resolution NOT to get involved with any murders.

    Myrtle would make a resolution to get involved with MANY murders.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  7. Yay! Good luck with the fiction!

  8. Sounds like a great resolution to me! Hope you have fun with it :)

  9. Every year my protagonist resolves to keep his crime hidden. He knows it will come to light someday, but he fights every day to push that day as far into the future as possible.

    And your post made me laugh for the truth of it.


  10. This "what is your protagonist's resolution" thing is really interesting. Their resolutions are making me want to read their books.

  11. I quit making resolutions years ago, but I wish you luck with yours. Happy New Year!

  12. I want to finish my current WIP and get all polished. There is a new story nipping at my heels- I'm so excited!

  13. Good for you, Helen. A great resolution for a new decade.

    My protagonists in my fourth Logan & Cafferty suspense novel, Murder on the Interstate, resolve to make it home before the killer catches up with them.

    In my historical mystery, Murder in Sweetwater, my protagonist resolves to bring the killers to justice who hanged her friend, Ella Watson Averell, and her husband, Jim.

  14. Finnigan thinks he needs to deal with the thing that killed his son... in facing the white mare, he will find that he is really facing himself

  15. Good luck with your fiction plan. If my protagonist, Cage, had made a resolution it would be to never get involved with magic women or the nobility, especially the king.

  16. Your resolution about dieting sounds like me, but I'd probably go for a brownie instead. It also reminded me of an aunt and uncle I have who the day before they went on a diet, would make a large pan of homemade lasagna.

    Looking forward to your fiction writing.

  17. Good for you and go for it. Me - I'm New Year's resolution free. Have been for years. But I WILL get two new novles pub'd in 2010. (wink)

    Marvin D Wilson

  18. Good resolutions all.

    It's easier, I think, to get our characters to keep their resolutions than for us to keep ours.

  19. Helen, my protagonist in the mystery coming out next Dec won't, but she should resolve to clean up her language. She is a homicide detective with a hard edge, and I have tried to tone her down, but she doesn't cooperate.

  20. It's a damn shame they don't make bathrooms 'self cleaning' as they do modern ovens. Or, cookies that burn calories whilst you eat them for that matter. Now there's an idea.... :)

    Happy New Year Helen.

  21. My protagonist resolved to find her uncle's killer.

  22. Your 2nd para made me laugh. It's me all over.
    Twitter started a #writerlbsoff that starts on Jan 4th, which looks to be fun. A support group of sorts.

  23. Wow, good question, Helen. In the YA I'm querying right now, my protagonist would vow to lose ten more pounds so she'd look perfect when she sees her father again. In the book I'm working on right now, my character would resolve to have a better attitude toward her older sister. I think she's getting sick of being mad at her.

    Happy New Year! Have fun writing the new novel.

  24. My protagonist would bounce a beer can off the head of the person asking about resolutions.

    Commander Jamieson does not care for such things!

    Ask him what projects or missions he has planned and keep his glass filled while he tells you.

    This is the language he speaks!

  25. Great question, Helen. Simon's resolution would be to treat his girlfriend and brother with respect.

    Enjoy writing your novel.

  26. Helen,
    You have such a deep well of energy. I'd like to drink from it. I guess I'll simply appreciate the opportunity to read your blog and look forward to reading your novel. (Oh, and I'm heading over to check out the two non-fiction books you have out...wowwee zowwee woman!)


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