Thursday, November 26, 2009

Group Blogs

I’m wondering how many of you are part of group blogs? I’m talking about blogs where there are multiple bloggers.

I blog daily here on Straight From Hel. I also blog occasionally on a group blog, The Blood-Red Pencil. I think I’m posting there today. I say, think, because I’m never sure when my posts will show up. I’m not in charge of scheduling. Since I never know, it’s difficult to let readers of Straight From Hel know to pop over. If I’m there today, it’ll be to make a book recommendation for Punish the Deed by Diane Fanning.

And this leads me to my questions for those of you who participate in group blogs:
What has been your experience? How are the posts planned? Is there a set schedule for the participants?

I’ve seen blogs where there are, for example, seven participants, one for each day of the week. The bloggers have a set day on which they post. Others have 14 or 15 bloggers, so each posts only twice a month, like Women in Crime Ink. I’ve seen blogs with multiple bloggers, but there doesn’t seem to be a set schedule, such as The Blood-Red Pencil.

Some people participate in multiple blogs, some their own, some with others. Jean Henry Mead seems to be part of seven different blogs. Gracious! I can barely keep up with this one and an occasional post on TBRP.

What about you? If you’re part of a multi-person blog, how does it work? If you blog on your own, how often do your blog and do you ever wish you had cohorts?

By the way: Happy Turkeyday People! (This is the day we celebrate turkeys by eating ham, right?)
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  1. I'm not part of a grog, but sometimes wish I was. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I haven't given it much thought so I don't have any input for you, but I wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Are turkeys in Texas BBQed?

  3. I haven't been active on group blogs lately - really should make that a NY resolution to get back to it. I've been (still am) a member of BRP and also a couple spiritual/inspirational group blogs. Oh, and a mystery writer's blog also.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Helen!

    Marvin D Wilson

  4. Marvin, you're one of those over-achievers!

    Laura, I have heard of turkeys being BBQed or smoked, but I put mine in the oven, which I need to go do now!

    Bermudaonion, you have introduced me to a new word - grog. Didn't grog use to be some ancient drink, like beer?

  5. I'm part of 6 blogs---one is my own, the others are group.

    It varies. With Mystery Lovers Kitchen I'm on every Thursday and every 6 Sundays I'm in charge of getting a guest. With Carolina Conspiracy, I just do a blog post whenever. With Inkspot and A Good Blog is Hard to Find, I'm part of a large group and there's a moderator who assigns us dates.

    It's hard to keep up with.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, all. (I have the day "off" because we're having our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. It's weird to be sitting around on Turkey Day with nothing in the oven! I might have to go cook something -- just because....)

    I have given a lot of thought to the "grog" idea. (I love that word.) I try to post twice a week on my blog, but I know that more frequent posting brings in more visitors. It's kind of a quandary: spend too much time blogging, no time to write fiction.

    It seems to me that a group blog would help even out the work, but it also might dilute the brand of each writer.

    It's back to the quandary of: who's got time for all of this?

  7. Of course I was a member of BRP but found I couldn't keep up. I try to post something on my blog Mon to Fri. To be honest, I joined BRP mainly to get more people to my own blog but I don't think it really worked.

    I'd be curious to know why people participate in so many grogs. What is the motivation?

    Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans!

  8. One blog is all I can handle! And I like guest posts on that blog, too.

    I think it all depends on how active one is elsewhere online. I've got many social sites and visit five (including Blogger) on a daily basis. If I was ONLY blogging, I could do more than my own.

  9. I only have my blog; however I think it would be interesting to be part of a group blog; fresh ideas are always good!

    Enjoy your turkey and the day.


  10. Although I've considered it, I haven't been a member of a group blog--I have to work to post on a regular basis on my blog--and still write on my "real" writing.

  11. Meredith, I think one way to keep from diluting the participants on a grog is to be part of blog that has a common theme. The Blood-Red Pencil is all editors. The ones on the Women in Crime Ink are all true crime writers or experts on things like serial killers, forensics, etc. So I think it's good to think how you want to be branded and look for that kind of group.

  12. Un:Bound started out being just me, then Chris agreed to help out and gradually the team grew. Loosely speaking, Chris does monday, The Ravenous Romance team do Weds (every other) and MangaCat does Thursday. Stray and Harb post as and when and I post a couple of times a week. Between us we keep things moving along, occasionally double posting on one day, but it works pretty well and makes for a great mix of content and styles. There is no fixed approach with Un:Bound so it's a little chaotic but also widens the appeal.

  13. Hagelrat, sounds like a great mix!

  14. Women on Crime Ink is a straight rotation. We have a closed group on Yahoo with a calendar so everyone knows when they're posts are due to post.

  15. Helen,

    Marvin is an over-achiever, and I'm an under-achiever.:-)

    As you know, I was part of The Blood-Red Pencil for a while, but I just couldn't get around to posting often enough to be of any value. I am part of the Books We Love Daily and the EPIC Author News. Those are promotional blogs, and I rarely post, only when I have a specific promotion going on.

    You amaze me with daily posts. It's a challenge for me to post two or three times a week.

    Lillie Ammann
    A Writer's Words, An Editor's Eye

  16. Helen, I also don't see how you manage daily posts!

    I founded the group blog Visual Arts Junction last Jan. The number of bloggers changes as some have to drop out at times.

    Right now we have no set schedule. When others are posting a lot I schedule mine for a few days later, etc.

    Since we are now a Kindle Blog, with the hope of earning a few pennies from that, we are expanding and taking submissions for new bloggers to join.

    I spend my time mostly trying to grow our followers. That seems to take more time than the blogging unfortunately.

  17. Along with my personal blog at, I contribute to two of my own group blogs, Acme Authors Group, and Make Mine Mystery. I'm also a contributor to Dani's group blog,

    It's great to diversify. With different authors contributing, we can reach a varied audience.

    Morgan Mandel

  18. It's all I can do to post semi-regularly on my blog, to comment on a few other blogs, to keep up with client editing and to write my novel.
    It does sound fun and I've wondered how group blogs work, so I appreciate the post and the informative comments.

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