Monday, November 02, 2009

Blogging Awards

Well, I survived NaBloWriMo - National Blog Writing Month. Those of us who participated by blogging every day can pat ourselves on the back. Yay! October turned out to be the month from Hades for me, but not because of NaBloWriMo. I fell, twisted my knee, sprained my ankle, went through two different sets of xrays - plus came down with the H1N1. I’m ready for November.

But! The good thing about October is that I received two awards. I’d dance around my desk, but … I can’t.

Stephanie Faris gave me an award. It doesn’t have a name, but it’s a beautiful mermaid brandishing a really wicked pitchfork, while little fish and a seahorse scamper by. Okay. I admit it. I see why Stephanie thought of me. (Not the beautiful mermaid part, but the scaring folks with the huge fork thing.) Seriously, though, thank you Stephanie. She put me in among a group of wonderful bloggers.

Karen McIntosh awarded me the One Lovely Blogger Award. I just hope I can live up to what she said about Straight From Hel: “…it's chock full of information on the publishing industry and writing, with book reviews and MORE. Helen's site is a fast way to stay up with changing industry trends…” Thank you Karen.

While Stephanie didn’t say the mermaid award had to be passed on, Karen did. So I hereby give the One Lovely Blogger Award to:

Tamika of The Write Worship
I’m just getting to know Tamika. She writes about her writing journey in a truly unique and thoughtful way.

The rules for accepting the One Lovely Blogger Award are:
1) Accept the award and don't forget to post a link back to the awarding person.
2) Pass the award on.
3) Notify the award winners.

Zip over to The Write Worship and tell Tamika hi and read some of her posts!
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  1. Great awards!

    I'm running over to visit the Write Worship.

    Go see the doctor about that bronchitis you probably have. (See how bossy I am when I'm still in Doctor Mom mode?)

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Congratulations on your awards!

  3. Thanks Helen! I appreciate your kindness, this truly has been a remarkable experience. It amazes me to be surround with such vast amount of talent.

    You have made my day! I'll do the happy dance for both of us!

  4. Congrats on finishing NaBloWriMo, which is no easy feat, I'm sure! Sorry to hear about your ailments. They're closing schools right and left here because of H1N1, some for a week at a time to try to break the cycle! Hope you're feeling better, and congrats too on your Awards :)

  5. Hello one and all. So far, November is going much better than October. Had a fabulous weekend at the Texas Book Festival.

  6. So glad things are better this month than last. The flu hasn't hit NM quite as hard as it seems to have hit other states. I don't know anyone here who has had it yet.

  7. Karen, I hope it doesn't hit there. It wasn't all that bad, certainly not any worse than the regular flu (for me, anyway), but I still have a lingering cough. Wish it would go away.

  8. Congrats on the awards, as well as surviving October. Sometimes life just rains and rains on us. :-)

  9. Glad you surved the H1N1!!
    Sorry to hear of all your other October troubles. Let's hope that's it for a long, long while for you.

    Great, lovely awards that are very much deserved by you, Helen.

    Morgan Mandel

  10. What a month, Helen! Congrats on the awards. And for the link to Tamika's site. I'm going to check it out.

  11. Well deserved awards, Helen and I too am headed over to Tamika's site.

  12. Congrats on two more awards. I'm heading over to check out The Write Worship.


  13. What's that like now ... 3,000,257,001 awards? Where do you find the e-space memory to store them all? And close to 200 followers now - scared a you, gf!

    Serioulsy, well deserved, as you know I well know. ;)

    Marvin D Wilson

  14. Gosh Helen, sorry to hear you have been in the wars and wish you well.
    Congratulations on the awards, you deserve them. You are a supportive, creative blogger.

  15. Helen,
    I'm tickled you mentioned my award...was happy to receive it and to pass it on to you...and need to tell you that my name is Kathy McIntosh, not Karen. But I'll bet she's a wonderful person, too!
    I'm off to check out Tamika's site.

  16. Aaakkk!!! So sorry Kathy. I'd blame it on the H1N1, but ... I can't. I blame it on typing without my reading glasses on.

  17. I'm going to check out the Write Worship, thanks for telling us about it.

  18. Not a problem, Helen.
    Now my confession: I didn't know about NaBloWriMo. I'd told myself since I'm editing and can't participate in NaNoWriMo this month, I'd try to blog more. But I missed yesterday already.
    You are indeed a role model.

  19. Ow! Twisted knee, sprained ankle, and H1N1? Sounds like bad karma! :)

    Hope you're all better now.

  20. Oh poor you. A sprained ankle, a twisted knee AND H1N1 - sounds like a really horrible month indeed.
    And to think one never suspected from your cheery posts.

    And congratulations on both the Awards. You deserve every one of them that you get, and some more.


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