Saturday, October 31, 2009

Book Review: Memorial Day

Another Vince Flynn book! I know y’all are excited that I’m reviewing another in the Mitch Rapp series. This one is called Memorial Day.

Each book in this thriller series features superagent/assassin Mitch Rapp. He’s gone from being unknown and undercover, as he was in the first books, to being outed and semi-legit, as in, people know who he is and what he does. Some like him. Some hate him. Frankly, Rapp doesn’t care too much either way. He accepts what he is and sees himself as the good guy since he only kills those who deserve it.

This time, the enemy has taken the fight to American soil. Mitch and his crew must stop an attack planned for Memorial Day. If he doesn’t, thousands will die. With his rapid-fire mind, he’s able to analyze the situation and knows he must take care of it. He’ll bring in others to help, but he’s the man on-scene who can sort through all the facets, devise the plan, and make sure it’s followed.

One thing interesting about this book is that we spend considerable time in the antagonist’s POV. He’s definitely a bad guy, but he’s fully developed. And he’s every bit as committed as Rapp.

This is another testosterone filled book. It races along at a fast clip. I’m not sure I always agree with Rapp’s reasoning, but if the situation were real, I’d want him leading the team.

FTC Disclaimer: I know bloggers are not required, yet, to post a disclaimer on book reviews, but I’m trying to get in the habit. I received no compensation for reviewing Memorial Day. My husband bought the book. When he was finished, he left it sitting on the coffee table. He wasn’t leaving the book for me. He just assumes that when he finishes a book and leaves it on the coffee table, the fairies come and magically transport it to the bookshelf. I would lie and say Vince Flynn offered me $500 to review it, but I don’t believe the FTC has a sense of humor. I got nothing for this review, except a good read. And that’s the truth, fairies as my witnesses.

P.S.: Happy Halloween!
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  1. Aren't husbands funny that way? Mine has the same rich imagination when it comes to things getting where they belong.
    Thanks you for the review.

  2. Thanks for the review, Helen. I like the idea of being in the antagonist's head for a while. Hope you're feeling better!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  3. Oh the places you can take a disclaimer ... You'll be starting a creative new trend with these ... very entertaining! Happy Halloween!

  4. Love the disclaimer, lol. sounds like a good book. I LIKE an author who can effectively use more than one POV in a book. Done well it adds more depth and dimension to the read.

    Marvin D Wilson

  5. The disclaimer is a good idea. I only review books I like and my last review (Carolyn Hart's new novel, Merry, Merry Ghost) sounds as though I'm her publicity agent.

    My husband tosses each book he finishes onto to the bed with an unwritten note: Read this! :-)


  6. Just wanted to pop over to see how you're doin'? Feeling better?

  7. Hello all. Yes, I am feeling better. Thank you for caring. I've been silent today because I've been at the TX Book Festival all day. Great speakers at the Austin Museum of Art, with lots of slides. I also have the best volunteers!

  8. LOL. I love the disclaimer. I think I will steal part of it for the next review I do on my site. Much funnier than the one I did.

  9. Interesting post and disclaimer :)

  10. Helen,
    Your news about Macmillan and the change in 20% for net profit ("new standard royalty rate for ebook sales - 20 percent of net proceeds"). My question is, if it is an ebook, with minimal overhead costs, what is a "net proceed" based on? No printing costs, no tour costs, etc. what are the costs that go into net? Thx, love your blog. --- Judith Davis (


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