Sunday, May 03, 2009

Visual Writing Prompt 5-3-09

Happy Sunday everyone. Today I’m sharing another visual writing prompt. Otherwise known as a picture that may inspire you to write. This is one I took in South Carolina:

Not sure why, but trees appeal to me. They can take such odd and amazing shapes and colors. This one, as you can tell, is quite grand. It looked like it had been standing for years, as I’m sure it had been, in quiet majesty.

What was most interesting, to me, was the Spanish Moss. The day I took the picture, it was cold and windy. But only the moss on the left side is blowing. The moss on the right is hanging straight down, oblivious to the wind. Lest you think I pieced two pics together, I assure you, I am not that good with Fireworks.

When I took the picture, I was enthralled by the size, shape and position of the tree. When I saw the result, the moss was spooky. The wind was really howling that day and yet the moss on one side stayed calm. There’s a lot of symbolism in this tree, to my eyes. How about yours?

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  1. I love trees for their shapes and textures. And Spanish Moss is SO beautiful! Anytime I tour through the South, I've got to take a couple photos of the moss.

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. I'm a tree junkie too. My favorites are the banyan trees I discovered when I lived in South Florida. They will have a role in my third Sylvia and Willie mystery...Pat

  3. Glad to see there are other tree enthusiasts out there!

    Patricia, the banyan trees are unique. We went to south Florida and down to the Keys earlier this year. But I didn't have my camera with me when we took a trolley tour!

    Diane, Spanish Moss is weird in a way, yet, you're right, beautiful.

  4. I love trees and have albums of pictures I've taken of them, especially the giant redwoods in my native California. (If you're reclining on your back, you can get the entire tree in the picture.) :)


  5. I'm also a lover of and inspired by trees. As a kid I was always climbing them. It felt so free to be WAAAAY up high in a tree. I'd sit up there for hours daydreaming and singing in the wind.

    That tree in the photo is awesome. The moss thing? Kinda smacks me of the Yin and Yang principle.

  6. Nice picture, Helen. I'm curious, what is the water in the background?

  7. What a lovely tree. Such wisdom, such promise. I love that it hangs over the path, sheltering (but not impeding) it. Thanks for sharing this inspiration!


  8. Jean! I've been to see the redwoods & it didn't occur to me to lay on my back and shoot up. Dang, that would have been great.

  9. It does seem to show wisdom, doesn't it, Lisa.

    Jon, the water in the background was a small lake or pond.

    Marvin, I lived next to trees when I was a kid, a forest. 'Course many years later I realized my forest was not nearly as big as I thought at the time. But I loved to play in the trees.

  10. Thanks for sharing this tree. It reminds me of the trees we found on visits to Savannah.
    I find myself photographing a lot of trees in Texas while on hikes with my husband for two reasons. One — the vegetation is so different than my native Georgia. Two — stopping to take a photo gives me an excuse to "rest" while hiking.

  11. Hello Stacy. I'm a native Georgian as well. You're right, the trees in Texas are definitely different. Pretty in their own way, though.

  12. you are not alone in your love of trees - or their ability to inspire. Great photo - thanks for sharing!


  13. That is a neat-looking tree! Nature never fails to inspire.

  14. Usually I seem to take pictures of trees without leaves, their stark branches twisted or reaching out, but this one appealed to me.


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