Sunday, April 26, 2009

Visual Writing Prompt

During my last visit to San Francisco, I took pictures of what I thought were some interesting things. This is one:

It’s a statue. It’s a water fountain. It felt like a maze of sorts.

To give you an idea of its size...if you look closely, you'll see my son back in the shadows in the fountain, off center on the right. My son is 6'10".

The statue intrigued me, so I took a picture of it. I think it’s a cool statue/fountain and I wonder about the person who thought it up.

How did he or she come up with the idea? Did he oversee the construction? Did she have to make adjustments as it was put together? How many versions did he draw out before deciding on this one? How old was she when she came up with the idea? Was he formally trained? Who influenced him? Does she ever come back and look at her creation? What else has this artist created?

What do you think about this fountain/statue?
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  1. It is awe inspiring. True art. Magnificent.

  2. I like it! Such a unique design. And from a photographer's point of view, I would've stayed there all day taking photos!

    And your son is 6'10"?! Tall boy!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  3. I used to sit near this to eat lunch. Most of the time SF has the fountain turned off due to water shortages or something. It's really neat when it's actually being a fountain.

    I hope you got shots of the figural statues near it. I really love those, but never got a photo of them.

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  5. Lynn, I didn't get pictures of those. To tell the truth, I don't even remember them. We were meeting up with my daughter and while looking for her, happened on this fountain. I'm glad we got to see it while water was flowing!

  6. Hi Diane.
    Yeah, he is a tall one. It's not easy to find shirts and pants long enough for his arms and legs, but even more difficult to find shoes. But he's a keeper.

  7. I don't know how it doesn't all fall down. Amazing.

    Morgan Mandel

  8. Morgan, it does sort of look like some lego maze hit by an earthquake, doesn't it!

  9. It looks interesting but I think I need to see it in person. Some writer's work without an outline, maybe this is an example of an artist working without a sketch!

    Jane Kennedy Sutton

  10. And yet it somehow stays up and water flows through. It seems to almost defy gravity, doesn't it, Jane?

  11. Is it made of cement? I'm not sure what I think of it. It reminds me of a piece of art that has meaning only for the artist. But I love water fountains. Too bad water shortages mean they have to turn it off at times.

  12. Helen,
    I am more impressed by your son's height than I am by the sculpture. It's imaginative, though, and I appreciate the creative energy that must have gone into this.

    Bob Sanchez
    Author, Getting Lucky

  13. Susan, I don't know what it was made of for sure, but it looked cement-y.

    Hi Bob. I would think it took a lot of creative energy ... and math and drawing skills and who knows what! You wouldn't be so impressed by my son if you had to buy his shoes that go along with his height!

  14. I don't have a poem for you this time, but I did want to say, that is a very cool looking sculpture.

    A lot of modern art leaves me flat, but I tend not to criticize it because what leaves me flat may excite the heck out of someone else. The eye of the beholder, and all that.

    But this I like. If I ever make it out to San Fran again I'll have to seek this out.

    If you are ever in St. Louis be sure to check out the Laumeier Sculpture Park. Wonderful mix of nature and sculpture.


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