Monday, April 06, 2009

Susan Wittig Albert

If you were following author Susan Wittig Albert’s recent virtual book tour, then you know she stopped by Straight From Hel. You may have missed her since she was doing something quite unique. She went on a tour by re-visiting blogs she’d visited before and did re-posts by directing her tour followers to past stops on each blog.

With that in mind, if you missed her stop here, you can still read her wonderful post where she talks about setting. Susan’s China Bayles series is usually set in a small central Texas town. In her latest book called Wormwood, the 17th in the series, China leaves Texas to visit Kentucky. It’s here that Susan creates another memorable setting, as she carries us into the past and the Shaker community that once lived there. The community and their lives become vivid and compelling. You want to keep reading so you can find out what happens to them, as well as how China can solve the mystery in the present time. Both worlds are tied together in Wormwood.

So, link over and read her post on Setting, then look for Wormwood in your bookstore.

But if your name is Tim Brown, you won’t have to buy her latest mystery. You’ve won a free advance reading copy. But you only have until noon today to claim your copy of Wormwood!

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  1. I read that post - which WAS/is excellent. And kudos to Tim - better hop over here and make your claim, dude!

  2. I find it hard to describe things I see every day. Now if I were to describe something totally unique to me like a Shaker setting, that might be easier, but I'll probably never know.

    Morgan Mandel

  3. Susan Wittig Albert made Pecan Springs seem so real, I expect to see it on a map someday!

    Jane Kennedy Sutton

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  5. Interesting way to connect to old blogs, yet make them relevant. I really appreciate a book that makes a place come aliv and Susan has done a wonderful job.

  6. Susan does come up with innovative ways to do virtual tours, doesn't she! She sets a high bar and works her tail off making sure she does fabulous tours.

  7. Grrrr...I HATE being busy 'cause I'm missing everyone's tour and the chance to win books!

  8. Wait a minute. I'm sure my name's Tim Brown. Let me give you a post office box to send that book to. Oh, never mind. It's past noon. Drat. ;)

    I think the virtual book tour and links back to past posts is a great idea.

  9. Dana & J.M., aka Tim Brown, you two are too funny.


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