Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Author Mark H. Phillips

Mark H. Philips is stopping by Straight From Hel tomorrow to talk about violence in film and novels. Mark certainly knows about writing violence in both mediums. He’s been a member of the Houston Scriptwriters for three years and the Final Twist for one. His new book, The Resqueth Revolution, has been getting great reviews.

Although he grew up in Illinois and received both his B.A. and M.A. there, he now lives in Houston. In addition to his own writing, he co-authors the Eva Baum Detective Series with his wife Charlotte. He’s nearing the end of his blog book tour for The Resqueth Revolution. You can find his complete tour schedule, along with links to each post at:

Tomorrow, he’ll be giving us the final part of his talk on violence in writing. You can read part one on Vivian Zabel’s blog, then hop over to MarvinWilson’s blog for part two, then come back here for the wrap-up, where you can ask lots of questions. Plus, the day after he’s here, you can take a quiz for a give-away.

So remember, come back tomorrow to read Mark's post about violence in novels and film.
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  1. I'll stop back for that. I'm the meat in the middle of the sandwich host at Free Spirit today. Part two of the three part series of posts on violence in books is up. I've read both part one and two, and believe me, it's no balogna (I know - I know - really bad pun - hey genius comes in spurts, that was admittedly a splat)

    Marvin D Wilson

  2. Just left Marvin's blog. Looking forward to reading Part 3 here tomorrow.

    Jane Kennedy Sutton

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  4. I stopped by Marvin's blog, too. Part 2 of Mark's series was very interesting. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Even I haven't read Mark's conclusion.

  5. I'm looking forward to some interesting reading tomorrow, too!

  6. Hey, I think I know that author!
    Will be back tomorrow...

    L. Diane Wolfe

  7. Interesting series, Mark and Helen, and one that should interest anyone who writes the mystery/crime genres.

  8. It's either the name of my blog (Straight From Hel) or Mark knows me well ... 'cause he said he's saving the most disturbing violence for his stop here tomorrow!

    Keep in mind, he's talking about writing violence.

  9. Hey All,
    No fair starting without me. I'm so looking forward to engaging you all in discussion tomorrow. I just finished adding some comments to Marvin'e site, but I'm headed for bed soon. See you tomorrow.

  10. Just left Marvin's place. I'll be here tomorrow.

  11. Came to the party late today - spent most of the day in meetings and airports. Glad to be home and reading Mark's posts. Can't wait to see the conclusion here at Straight from Hel

  12. Ooh, definitely sounds intriguing! And I appreciate you posting a heads up in advance, so I'll know to look for this one.



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