Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hi! My Name is Helen

Ever wear one of those nametags at a conference or meeting? I have. And I’ve got one on today. See it? No? Then jump over to The Blood-Red Pencil.

I’m featured today as the editor on “Meet The Editor.”

I’ve been contributing to this co-op blog since its inception, but we’re just getting around to meeting each editor a bit more in-depth. The wonderful Jesaka Long came up with questions for each of us to answer. If you zip over, you’ll find my answers to these questions:
When did you first notice you were hung-up on typos?

What advice would you give someone interested in becoming an editor?

What’s the best advice you have ever received from a writer?

What the best advice you’ve given a writer?

In your opinion, what makes an editor great?

What the one misconception about editors you want to clear up?

Why should a writer choose to work with you?

What genres do you focus on? Why?
And be sure you come back here tomorrow. Verna Dreisbach, founder of Dreisbach Literary Management, award-winning published author, and President of Capitol City Young Writers, is going to tell us about the non-profit CCYW. Capitol City Young Writers is dedicated to educating and inspiring writers, primarily in grades 6 through 12. The group is fairly new but making a powerful footprint. She’ll tell us all about it tomorrow.

I’ll be gone to Fort Worth all day doing interviews for the book I’m working on (with a due date of early April - yikes!). I hope you’ll ask questions, leave comments and make Verna feel welcome.

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  1. I'll definitely read your BRP feature post today. Hey the name tag thing reminded me of a bit of mischief I used to like to pull at "meetings." You get one of those sticky name tags, write "Kiss Me" on it, walk up to someone from behind and pat them on the back (placing the name tag on their back in the process) and act normal. Lots of fun for the next few minutes - lol.

  2. This is good to know, Marvin. I'm going to make sure I don't turn my back on you if we go to the same conference.

    I have a feeling you are always the hit of any party!

  3. Mz. Bizzy Bee, hope you get a few secs to stop and buzz the flowers. :)

  4. I do Angie! The flowers are blooming around here. I'm actually able to go out to the garden and pick some to bring inside.

  5. Brooke, I always try to correct my typos, but I don't go crazy if I miss one or two. No one's gonna die if you mis-type a word when you leave a comment on their site. At least, I don't think they will! ;-)

  6. Already went over to Blood-Red. It was a great interview.

    Morgan Mandel

  7. I love the BRP. It's such a helpful resource. I am headed over there right now to read your interview.

    The Inner Bean

  8. Hi Jenny. I'll see you over there!


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