Wednesday, December 03, 2008

From Cluelass to Bloodstained

Mystery writers are mourning the loss of the Cluelass site. Cluelass was extensive and comprehensive. It was a great site for writers and readers of mystery. But it was also a ton of work for Kate Derie. It’s a shock that it’s closing down after 13 years.

But others are stepping up to try to fill the gap. One such site is Ashley McConnell’s site. She has a page called The Bloodstained Bookshelf where she has taken over this portion of the Cluelass site and will take on the workload of keeping it updated.

If you’re a reader of mystery or a mystery author, you’ll love this page. It lists mystery books by publication date and includes the author, title, cost, and publisher. The lists includes the months of 2009 and the books scheduled for publication. If you’re an author and want to be included in the list, you can send in your information by email. And I urge you to do so. If you’re a reader, you can find out whether your favorite author has a new book out -- and at this time of year, plan your holiday shopping.

Stop by The Bloodstained Bookshelf and check it out. And drop a not to Ashley to say thanks for taking it over -- and submit your mystery publications.


  1. Thanks, Helen, for the Bloodstained information. I emailed to have my Village Shattered novel listed.

    And I'm excited to be featured here tomorrow on your blog site during my blog book tour.


  2. I'll definitely check it out, Helen.

  3. I'm excited you're coming, too, Jean! I'm back in town (was in Harlingen all day today) and anxiously awaiting you post tomorrow.


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