Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Author John M. Wills

Tomorrow, John M. Wills, author of the suspense novel, Chicago Warriors, Midnight Battles in the Windy City, is stopping by Straight From Hel. John certainly has the credentials to write this book since for 12 years he was a Chicago Police Officer -- a much decorated one, in fact. He was also an FBI Special Agent for 21 years. In addition to writing this book and the next, which is due out early 2009, he’s penned dozens of articles on street survival, officer safety, ethics and training. Although he has retired from the FBI, he’s hardly retired. He’s a certified personal trainer in Fredericksburg, Virginia, a monthly contributor to two online magazine/web portals, and teaches classes for LivSafe on “Situation Awareness” and “Steroids and Athletes, The Plain Facts.”

You’ll probably want to read more about him at his website, including an article about the time he was shot. Plus, he has a long list of his published articles which will interest anyone who writes suspense, mystery, or many other genres. Also, take a minute to watch the trailer for Chicago Warriors, Midnight Battles in the Windy City.
Then, be sure to come back tomorrow to read his post on how he began writing Chicago Warriors, Midnight Battles in the Windy City. Be sure you stick around long enough to ask a question or leave a comment for John. One commenter will be selected to receive a free e-book of his novel!


  1. Hi John Wills,
    I enjoyed reading how you decided, after finding out how many books on novel writing there are, not to pussyfoot around any longer and just start your work. One of the things I am wondering about is what you did in the way of securing a publisher. Did you get an agent? If so, how easy was that for you as a first-time novelist? Also, having read a few of your articles, including "Surviving in the Hood," I'd like to know what a cuff key is.


  2. Ingrid, I stumbled upon a publisher quite by accident via a third party. In fact, I was on asking a writing group about agents when I happened to make a contact with a publisher. The rest is history.

    A "cuff key" is simply a handcuff key. Thanks for the comment.


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