Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Book Review: Dream or Destiny by Lillie Ammann

We all have dreams. Sometimes, when Marilee Anderson has a dream, the nightmare can turn out to be real. One night she wakes up horrified at the murder she sees in a dream. The next day she’s the main suspect.

A woman is dead. Marilee, proclaimed on the news to be a person of interest, finds her clients turning their backs on her. The only person who seems to be sticking with her is the brother of the dead woman -- but there are things about him that don’t seem right. He comes from an abusive family and stands to inherit a lot of money - money he desperately needs - because of his sister’s death.

The police already suspicious of her, she should steer clear of David Nichols, but they seem drawn to each other and decide to find the killer by working together.

There are plenty of suspects. Some living right in Marilee’s building. Some lurking in David’s past. They’re going to have to find the killer because the police don’t seem to be coming up with any names other than theirs.

In Dream or Destiny, Lillie Ammann has written a romantic cozy that will keep you guessing as to who killed David’s sister. In doing so, she’s written more than a book about two people trying to solve a crime. She delves into the effects of grief and guilt, attraction and suspicion, compassion and evil.

You can read an excerpt or reviews of Dream or Destiny, then tomorrow you can come back to Straight From Hel and talk with Lillie Ammann. She’s going to tell us about the path Dream or Destiny took to publication. Plus, she’ll stop by during the day to answer questions.


  1. Helen,
    Thank you for this wonderful review and for all your support. I look forward to visiting with your readers.

  2. Great review, Helen. Makes me want to head straigt to the bookstore. In fact, I'm leaving as soon as I ask Lillie a question.

    Lillie, have you ever had a spooky dream that appeared to come true?

  3. Lillie's getting around! this is the 2nd blog I've visited today featuring her - Good Job! Off to a great launch of your tour. I'll bop back over tomorrow for the interaction.

  4. Charlotte,
    No, I've never had a spooky dream that came true. I got the idea from a TV documentary about a woman who has psychic dreams about crimes and helps the police solve crimes.

    Today is certainly a busy day! I'm very pleased with the way the tour is going.

  5. Good question Charlotte!

    Even though she hasn't, she seems to have looked into the psychology of "dream walking."

  6. I've had some very spooky dreams that came true, and I'm looking forward not only to reading Dream of Destiny, but Lillie's appearance here tomorrow.

  7. Jean,
    I hope your spooky dreams weren't anything like a murder!

  8. That's interesting Jean. I don't think I've ever had a dream that came true. I've had a couple of spooky dreams, but they weren't premonitions.


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