Thursday, October 09, 2008

Susie Hawes - Guest Author

Today’s Guest Author is Susie Hawes. She’s a fascinating author. Her novels include Necromancer’s Curse and Necromancer’s Redemption. Plus, she has a bestselling series, called Dragonthing, which has been sold to Daverana Enterprises and will come out in ebook and in trade paperback.

Her work has also appeared in Neo-Opsis, Coffee Cramps Review, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Twilight Times, SFReader and Quietus Magazine. And she blogs online at Ghost Posts.

As you might have guessed, Susie says she loves reading mythology and folklore. She took time out from her schedule to answer a few questions from me – and I know she’d love more, so leave your comments and questions in the Comment Box.

Welcome Susie.

Helen: It seems as though you like variety in your writing - short stories to novels, dragons to dark gothic. Is there one length or genre you prefer?

Susie: I love dark comedy and I do best in novella form, around fifty to sixty-five thousand words. I try to write in story arcs, fitting two or more novellas together to make a novel.

Helen: Do you have a method for writing? A scheduled time, music you play, edit then write, etc.?

Susie: My writing is mostly done on notebook, with a pen. I love music, but seem to write best without any special sound, as long as there is white noise in the room. I write best early in the morning or late at night, when the family is asleep.

I edit when I write, when I transcribe it to the pc, and then twice before I send it off. My publisher still sends my work through two editors: one for copy (basic typos) and one for content and internal logic. You see, I'm pretty dyslexic and don't see all of my mistakes.

Helen: Do you write full time or do you have another job?

Susie: I'm disabled and cannot do more than a few hours a day. I do not work outside of the home. I haven't for a few years. For a time, I worked for an elderly lady, part time, providing her with transportation and light housekeeping, but I wasn't able to do more than a few hours a day.

Helen: You seem to be active on the Internet. Has this been your primary means of marketing your work? What promotion tip can you share with other writers?

Susie: I try to post on the internet a few times a day, spacing it out to avoid hurting my back. I love talking to people. As far as tips go, do what comes naturally for you. There are many, many ways to promote your work, but if you aren't having fun and aren't honest, it shows. Don't go online only to talk about your work. It sounds fake.

Promote the work of others.

Find a niche and make it yours, whether it's blogging, interviewing, book reviewing, posting on message boards, running a group, or writing a newsletter (etc.) Make it part of your branding campaign.

And, diversify. You aren't going to sell only one product. Find more than one thing to write about. Enjoy exploring different genres.

Helen: What one person would you most like to see waiting in line for your autograph at a book signing?

Susie: Christopher Moore.

Helen: I knew Susie and I were meant to be friends when I read in her bio:
Trapped in the moody Texas weather, this working mom squeezes out a few hours each day to write. Her husband and children are patient, her housework is neglected and her dog is not speaking to her.
Okay, we’re not twins, but close. My dog, though, speaks constantly and only to me.

The Comments Section is now open. Say “hi” and ask questions!


  1. hi,folks. I'd like to thank Helen for all her hard work. It's so good to ee this up here. This is one of my favorite blogs :D

  2. Susie also contributes to The Blood Red Pencil blog where she has written a very creepy story about editors who bleed all over a manuscript. LOL. Interesting that you edit as you go, Susie. Our BRP post today talks about when to edit.

    Nice interview, you two.


  3. First Hi Susie,

    I was wondering what authors you draw inspiration from or admire as writers?

  4. I love comedic authors, like Douglas Adams and Christopher Moore, but the ones that inspire me the most are Tom Piccirilli, Janrae Frank, Charlene Harris, Andre Norton and Roger Zelazny.

    I also love David Sweeney.

  5. I can't write with a pen any more. My handwriting is too sloppy. To each his own. Whatever works, do it.

    Morgan Mandel

  6. Hi Susie, enjoyed this interview very much. Hope your dog gets over it. :-) The animals sure have a way of letting you know when they are displeased, don't they. I won't mention what one of my cat's recently did to a ms I am editing. Good thing I have a copy machine here at my office that I can copy a few pages and hope the author does not ask me why they are copies. :-)

    Helen, you do such a good job of tailoring questions to the particular author. It helps us get to know each one.

    And my Texas weather is incredibly gorgeous today. Wish I was outside.

  7. Morgan, I used to have pretty handwriting. I swear it looks like chicken scratch now. I'm just totally out of practice!

  8. Maryann, tell your client that those pages were so good, you drooled all over them.

    Or you could go the other way and say you don't have a paper shredder, so you gave those pages to the cat.

    Just kidding! We editors would never say something like that! Right?

  9. Helen and Susie,
    I enjoyed the interview. Susie, I'm impressed that you edit as you go. I think you have to be disciplined and well-organized to do that effectively.

  10. :D I got Helen Back. Stop in to read her interview at


    Twice the fun.

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