Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Awards to Die For

The Anthony Awards were given out at Bouchercon, which just wrapped up last weekend. Here are the winners:

Best Mystery Novel - What the Dead Know by Laura Lippman

Best First Mystery - In the Woods by Tana French

Best Paperback Original - A Thousand Bones by P.J. Parrish

Best Short Story - "Hardly Knew Her" by Laura Lippman

Best Critical Work – Arthur Conan Doyle: A Life in Letters by Jon Lellenberg, Daniel Stashower & Charles Foley Penguin

Best Website - Stop, You're Killing Me! - Lucinda Surber & Stan Ulrich

The Macavity Awards, selected by members of Mystery Readers International, have also been awarded. Here they are:

Best Mystery Novel: Laura Lippman: What the Dead Know

Best First Mystery: Tana French: In the Woods

Best Mystery Short Story: Rhys Bowen: "Please Watch Your Step"

Best Mystery Non-Fiction: Roger Sobin, editor/compiler: The Essential Mystery Lists: For Readers, Collectors, and Librarians

Sue Feder Memorial Historical Mystery: Ariana Franklin: Mistress of the Art of Death

Congratulations to all the nominees and the winners! So many books to read!

Did your favorite get chosen? If not, who would you have picked?


  1. Thanks for posting the winners. I have read Laura's book and P.J. Parrish's. That's as good as watching the movies that win major awards.

  2. More books to read. There's no end to it.

    Morgan Mandel

  3. Thanks for the recommendations Maryann. I've read neither. But I've noted them in my Palm and will be looking for them.

  4. I post the review for the book that was the teaser yesterday.
    Her Royal Spyness

  5. Thank you Brooke. Her Royal Spyness sounds like an interesting book. I'm glad you reviewed it.

  6. The work it took to post this with all the links to the books/authors is appreciated by me, Helen. And I am sure by MANY.

  7. I was wondering if you would be interested in participating in the Traveling NaBloWriMo Masterpiece. I found your blog through Amy's NaBloWriMo. Please let me know!


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