Friday, September 26, 2008

Bookmark It!: The Rejector

Who would have a blog called The Rejector? An agent, of course -- or in this case, "an assistant at a literary agency." Very interesting. Straight forward. Definitely worth bookmarking.

Here’s what The Rejector says in her description:
I am an assistant at a literary agency. I am the first line of defense for my boss. On average, I reject 95% of the letters immediately and put the other 5% in the "maybe" pile.
She’s been blogging since 2006, so you’ll have plenty of archived posts to read. She blogs about just about anything from metered mail to book tours. Keep browsing and you’ll find out she hates stationery envelopes. In another post, she tells you the difference between backlist and frontlist.

There are other interesting posts, including one where she defines financial setups for:
The Great Novelist
The Bestseller
The Mid-List Author
The One-Book Author

You’ll find posts about the Kindle and personal posts that have nothing to do with writing.

All of the posts make it worth bookmarking and checking it out.


  1. Good information from her, even if it is a little hard to take. Does being a good agent require an ass-kicking attitude?

  2. Helen, I ALWAYS get value when I stop in here. Definitely will read up on the Rejecter's posts. Ya just gotta love that name at the same time as cringing to the harsh reality of it. }-:>

  3. LJ -- no, I don't think it takes an ass-kickin' 'tude to be a good agent. But it seems that if you want a successful blog, you almost have to present yourself that way as an agent. Miss Snark was really snarky (heck, the word may have been named after her) and her blog was huuuuggge.

    As they say, controversy sells.

  4. thanks for the tip,

    Morgan Mandel

    PSI really need to get to bed soon as I'm getting up at 4:30 to go on vacation.

  5. Sweet! Thank you for theselinks!


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