Friday, September 12, 2008

BookMark It!: Electric Scotland

If you need to research Scotland or things Scottish, try visiting Electric Scotland. Want to look at pictures of Scotland? They have those, along with pictures of castles and historic sites.

Speaking of historic, if you’re writing a historical set in Scotland, you can find a lot of history about Scotland here.

Need to know about the House of Tartan for your fashion book? Hey! I hear the Tartan plaid is all the rage this year. I know nothing about fashion, but I did hear that on the morning news. Really. Anyway, you can research the weaving mills of Scotland here.

Need a bit of Scottish poetry for a character? They got it – poems and stories both.

And, ya know, your character can be a Scotsman and not even live in Scotland. Check out the page on Scottish Connection around the World.

Electric Scotland is a huge site – great for research and also great for getting so immersed in that you lose track of time!


  1. I'm building quite a list of resource links from reading your blog! Thanks.

  2. You're welcome, LJ.

    Hey, that's what I'm doing, too.

  3. Clan MacGregor here, by marriage .... great tip. Thanks! Ugly tartan for us though. Blech. I like Blackwatch the best, so I cheat. :)


  4. You could probably cheat here in the States, but don't go to the Homeland dressed in the wrong ... plaid? colors? What is Blackwatch like?

  5. Bookmark! Aha, just someone else has started a group--although it is not for an area study. Bookmark or favorites are now getting a different meaning (digg, stumble and the rest of the web 2.0, etc.), as is the case with the new group.
    Best wishes.


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