Monday, September 22, 2008

Arrival of The ARC

ARC stands for Advance Reading Copy. Usually it’s a real book with cover and binding, although it may not be the exact cover or binding that will be on the published book. And usually it’ll have a warning that it’s not to be quoted from without permission since it has not been through the final edit. It’s a copy for reviewers, booksellers, and others who will buy, review or promote the book when it does come out.

Sometimes authors send me books because they’re going to be a guest here on Straight From Hel or because they’re hoping I’ll review the book or just because they decide to send it. Those nights when I walk to the mailbox and find a package, it’s exciting to open the yellow envelope and see what’s inside.

This past Saturday I discovered a package in my box. I opened it and found an ARC. This one was different, though. It was the ARC of a book that I contributed to, sent to me by the publisher, TSTC Publishing. The book is titled, Biomedical Equipment Technicians.

It’d been a year since I’d conducted interviews with BMET employers in Dallas, Texas, College Station, Texas, and Boston, Massachusetts, and written a “chapter” on technicians and employers. I hadn’t heard anything since I turned in my work. I’d decided either the book had been cut or it would be published and I’d never even know about it since it’s aimed at students wanting to study in this field.

But, happy surprise, it’s almost out. The publisher said the final version will have a slightly different cover color and an index – and he’ll send me a couple of copies. My contribution also changed. My interviews with working techs are interspersed within the book as highlighted Employer Profiles rather than as a specific chapter.

I love getting books and it really is exciting to open an email from friends and read that they’ve got a new book coming out or have received the galleys. And I have to admit, even though my part in Biomedical Equipment Technicians was small, it was a thrill to receive the ARC. Woo-woo!

Last Saturday was …. The Arrival of The ARC. (Cue the music.)


  1. Glad to hear you got your copy of the BET book. We greatly appreciate your contributions!

  2. Raiders of the Last ARC?...

    Congrats, Helen! That had to have been a pick-me-up!

  3. That's cute, Dana - Raiders of the Last ARC. It was a pick-me-up - a delightful surprise.

    Hello Mr. Long. (He's the Publisher at TSTC Publishing.) I don't know whether you're from the south, but I suspect you are with a double name like Mark Roy! Thanks for dropping by.

  4. That had to feel good. Ya almost forget you wrote something then it shows up in your mailbox. That's cool. Congrats to someone well deserving.

  5. What a great surprise!
    It's nice you were rewarded for your efforts.

  6. You're right Morgan. TSTC Publishing didn't have to send me a copy. I appreciate that they did!


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