Friday, August 01, 2008

Bookmark It!: The Writer's Medical and Forensics Lab

The Writer’s Medical and Forensics Lab is a wonderful site for authors who need answers to those nagging questions as you write your book. Dr. D.P. Lyle answers questions. He’s written the book you probably have been looking for: Forensics and Fiction.

Check out his Articles page. How about his article titled “Timely Death”? Need to know about body temperature, rigor mortis, lividity, decomp? He’ll tell you. Have a character you’ve decided to poison? Read his article called “The Myth of the Untraceable Poison.”

Have a question? Visit the Forensic Community at his site. While you’re there, read the questions others have asked.

Need more in-depth help? Dr. Lyle even does Story Consulting.

And best of all, the information on his site is geared toward writers.


  1. Now see, this is good info! I am outlining a new mystery series--which I will never have time to write--and I am jotting down all the references and such that will assist me once I do write it.


  2. I predict you WILL have time to write it, especially since you're doing all the preliminary ground work ahead of time. That will make it go much smoother.

  3. This sounds interesting! Thanks, Hel. (You know I really needed another site to waste time on, er, I mean do research on? :>)

  4. That's my job Chris. Come up with fascinating sites for authors to waste time on. Stop by every Friday for a new one. Tee-hee.

  5. You're welcome Charlotte. This really is a great site for writers!


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