Friday, August 22, 2008

Bookmark It!: Tru Crime Library

Do you write True Crime, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller? Then you’ll probably want to bookmark Tru Crime Library.

You can research serial killers, gangsters, notorious murders, terrorists, even the criminal mind. Want to know more about the famous Son of Sam? You can study that case, and more, here on Tru Crime Library.

You might find a real criminal to pattern your antagonist after, or get ideas of motivation for your bad guy.

Be careful though. This site isn’t for the squeamish. And you might not want to read the stories alone in the house before going to bed!


  1. Fascinating site! Long ago, I considered creating a source book of serial killers, but my husband threatened to leave me. I have since lost interest in serial killers, but all other true crime is grist for the mill.

  2. I have so many books on poisons, autopsy, etc. that my husband knows I would never kill him because I'd automatically be the prime suspect.

  3. Don't write in that genre, but I always store good links, thanks for that one.

  4. I could see some of the profiles of bad guys being useful in a lot of other genres. Seeing how a twisted mind works, then using only small snippets of that information (not to the extreme of a killer) to flesh out a character.

    Hope you'll find something on the site you can one day use, Marvin.

  5. Cool site! But, you're right, I don't want to read it alone, on a dark and stormy night!

  6. I love that site for research purposes... My ex used to work at a research library and they had books on different types of murder victims and signs of death, decomposition, etc. Fascinating, but OH, so not for the squeamish...

  7. I have a police procedural textbook that is so graphic (pictures of bodies and various wounds) that I kept it hidden when the kids were little.


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