Friday, July 04, 2008

Bookmark It!: Agent In The Middle

In her blog, Agent in the Middle, Lori Perkins blogs about her work and life as an agent. She also blogs about the publishing world.
She does long posts, like her “Publisher’s Weekly’s Front.” She starts the post like this:

Sex sells—and always has—so why, in the realm of erotica, has sex sold surprisingly more during the past few years? Is it the ho-hum economy? The war on terror? It's the Internet, stupid: empowering readers, writers and publishers of erotica, and offering instant access to a lively, diverse and ever-growing community.
Perkins gives you just about everything you wanted to know about erotica and publishing.
Or take a look at her post about her reading called “My Reading Schedule.”

I read 800 pages last week (stayed up until 1:00 a.m. two week nights) and I still have more than 15 partials and full ms. that I should have read weeks ago.
She does about one or two posts a week. Well worth stopping by.


  1. I agree--Agent in the Middle is one of the good, well-written agent blogs that helps give us lowly writers a few hints...

  2. I agree Conda. It's nice to have someone talking to you, rather than talking down at you.


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