Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Good Story about Amazon

With all the bad press about Amazon out in the writing world, it’s only fair to report a positive story.

While some writers and publishers are not happy with things Amazon is doing lately, a lot of readers are very happy to purchase books via Amazon. And there are cases in which even authors are happy with Amazon.

I’m sure David Wroblewski is one of those happy authors. Wroblewski wrote a 566-page literary novel that has received such a push by Amazon that it has gone into its seventh printing – 90,000 copies. Now Costco has picked it up.

According to The Wall Street Journal,
The Web retailer chose the book as one of the best books of June and aggressively hyped it, including by posting a long and enthusiastic blurb from best-selling author Stephen King. The same blurb was printed inside "early reader" copies sent to reviewers, bloggers and booksellers.
Amazon also kept "Edgar Sawtelle" on its home page for two weeks at a 40% discount before the book hit stores, and posted an essay written by the author at Amazon's request. "We also had a preorder banner in May, which is something we do for books that we think will have significant interest for our customers," says Tammy Hovey, an Amazon spokeswoman.

There are still plenty of people unhappy with Amazon. But everyone has to admit that Amazon has clout.

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