Wednesday, May 07, 2008

One Author’s Path to Publishing Success

For anyone who’s self published or is considering that path, USA Today has a success story to make you feel good.

An Oregon author, William P. Young, wrote a novel “to explain his own harrowing journey through pain and misery to ‘light, love and transformation’ in God to his six children, ages 14 to 27.” His immediate goal was to get it copied and bound in time to give it to his kids at Christmas.

But then he read about a pastor who had self-published and was reading at a nearby bookstore, so he went to see him.

The end result? That pastor, Wayne Jacobsen, and another, Brad Cummings, formed Windblown Media and published the book. Along with Ross, they “embarked on a word-of-mouth, church-to-church, blog-to-blog campaign to get copies out.”
QUOTE: Now, "there are 880,000 copies in print, 750,000 in distribution, and we're talking to New York publishers," Young says.

And since we’re on the topic of Publishing Success – Joe O’Connell, our May Featured Author will be here tomorrow for a Q&A about writing, his new book, Evacuation Plan, and any other questions you have for him. And remember, you’ll have a chance to sign up for a free copy of his novel-in-stories.

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