Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Christian Publishing News

Boy, I seem to be coming across a lot of news lately about Christian publishing! This one’s about Zondervan launching a teen fiction line. It’s from MLive (the M stands for Michigan). The line will be aimed at readers 13 to 16.
"Sales of young adult books, according to our numbers, are 15 to 20 percent of total book sales in terms of dollars," said Michelle Bayuk, marketing director of the Children's Book Council, based in New York City.

Zondervan aims to tap into that reading group by offering an alternative to the current books for the age group, according to Annette Bourland, vice president and publisher for Zonderkidz, the young readers’ line for Zondervan.
"There has to be an alternative to 'Sex in the City' for teens," Bourland said. "We offer a Christian world view rather than a hopeless, post-modern world view. We offer realistic answers."

Another tidbit that I found interesting in this article is:
Research by Zondervan found five authors account for 71 percent of young adult titles sold in Christian bookstores: Melody Carlson, Bryan Davis, Bill Myers, Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.

Five authors do 71 percent of the young adult titles? Wow.

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