Friday, May 02, 2008

Bookmark It! for Writers

This week’s Bookmark It! site is actually a blog post. John Kremer sent out a challenge – come up with 101 ways for authors to market their books.

Author Joanna Campbell Slan took up the challenge. Slan is the author of Paper, Scissors, Death, available this September. She lists 101 Ways to Market Your Books on Kremer’s site.

Some are obvious:
Get the best cover possible.

Some less so:
Print marketing information on the inside of that over-run cover and use it like postcards, especially to market to booksellers who want to see the cover before placing an order.

Some cute:
Carry my book with me and read it while I'm waiting in public transportation.

Some sneaky:
Swap with an author friend: I put up her info on Wikipedia and she does the same for me. We both mention our books.

Check out the entire list.


  1. It will be a great job for Jonna Campbell Slan if it possible to market their books. She Took 101 ways for Marketing, Ok, I hope It will workable for Her.

  2. I hope her ideas work for her, as well. And it's always helpful for other writers to get ideas they can use themselves. Some they'll like, some they won't. And maybe some will spur ideas that fit their books.


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