Thursday, May 15, 2008

Book Promotion Site

The UK is trying a new approach to promoting books by print-on-demand authors. Like the US, the UK is experiencing a surge in POD books, and they recognize the problems authors can have getting their books in brick-and-mortar stores.

The online book recommendation service, Lovereading, has just launched Lovewriting. Lovewriting is so new, it’s still in its Beta Test phase.

The press release about it in BookTrade was clearly a marketing piece, with tons of praise and hype, but it’s still worth keeping an eye on, especially if you’re an author in the UK.
Crucially – and this will be a major attraction for independent authors – on Lovewriting, just like on Lovereading, readers will be able to download and read, for free, Opening Extracts of each book. And if readers like what they read, they will be able to order and buy independently published books all in one Basket and all in one payment (by credit card or Paypal).

The site intends to help authors who published through publishing houses as well as guide POD authors through the process.
Additionally, Lovewriting has formed a relationship with the recognised and respected self-publishing house, Matador, who will guide unpublished authors through the publishing process. However, if a would-be author would rather go it alone and get their book published, Lovewriting provides an easy to use guide to take them through every step of the self-publishing process.

If anyone signs on with Lovereading, let us know how it goes.

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