Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pre-Book Controversy

Here comes a book that’s not out yet, but already stirring up controversy. Makes ya wonder if it’ll even make it to publication.

Film director Paul Verhoeven ( “Basic Instinct,” “Showgirls,” “Total Recall,” “RoboCop,” “Starship Troopers”) has written a book which suggests that Jesus was fathered by a Roman soldier during a Jewish uprising against Roman rule in 4 B.C.

Jeffrey Weiss, Religion blogger for The Dallas Morning News said:
Here's the truth, fast as I can tell: We have exactly zero contemporaneous historical evidence for anything about Jesus. The best we have is in the Gospel accounts, all written years or decades after the fact, in a culture where strict adherence to detailed historiography wasn't exactly at a premium. Which means that any specific historical claims about the life or person of Jesus -- unless you are claiming Special Revelation -- are the academic equivalent of air guitar.

In an Associated Press article, John Dominic Crossan, a Jesus Seminar founder, felt there was little evidence for the view that Jesus was illegitimate.
"It's an obvious first retort to claims that Mary was a virgin," Crossan said. "If you wanted to do a hatchet job on Jesus' reputation, this would be the way."

There’s already a lot of questioning and doubt – there’s even mudslinging by FoxNews. Verhoeven’s book is due to hit the U.S. in 2009. We’ll see if it makes it.

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