Thursday, March 06, 2008

Coming Next Week: Author Lynda Sappington

Next Thursday, Lynda Sappington will join us here on Straight From Hel as our Featured Author for March. I wanted to take time today to tell you a bit about her so you could do your research and be prepared to ask questions, or even get her book to read ahead of time.

Lynda, an award-winning artist, is known for her amazing bronze sculptures. Be sure to check out Equine Art by Lynda Sappington. The second edition of her non-fiction book, “Sculpting 101: A Primer for the Self-Taught Artist,” will soon be available.

Lynda’s book, “Star Sons – Dawn of the Two,” is her first book of fiction. She blogs about “Star Sons,” a fantasy novel, as well as her fan fiction on “Lynda (AKA) Abraxan On Writing And Art.”

Lynda is an artist in more ways than one (or two now). In addition to sculpting and writing, she’s been a singer, a songwriter, and a photographer. Now, she’s going full speed into the publishing world. She already has the second in the “Star Sons” series ready in first draft form and is plotting the third.

She has events planned that will not only showcase her sculptures, but her books as well. When she exhibits at shows, she’ll bring her books with her. Her next show is April 10 – 13 at the Equine Affaire in Columbus, Ohio. You can check out her complete list of upcoming appearances.

Since her book “Star Sons – Dawn of the Two” has two heroes, she’s going to give away two copies! So come back next Thursday to read the interview with author Lynda Sappington and to find out how to enter a drawing for your own copy.

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