Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sylvia Dickey Smith Next Thursday

Next Thursday, author Sylvia Dickey Smith, will stop here at Straight From Hel. She’s agreed to do an interview and share her experience and thoughts.

I thought I’d give you a week’s heads-up so you could check out her website and blog, maybe read one of her books, and come up with some questions for her.

Sylvia is the author of Dance on His Grave and Deadly Sins, Deadly Secrets, the first two books in her Sidra Smart Series. The series is set in southeast Texas in the town of Orange, where Sylvia grew up. If you know that part of Texas, then you know her books are filled with memorable characters.

She’s also an adept speaker and workshop leader. In the Fall, she’ll be teaching writing classes on a Carnival cruise. (It’s a tough world, but somebody’s gotta do it.)

She has an interesting blog, where she talks about her books, interviews authors, and gives her thoughts on writing.

Oh, she’s also going to start a free newsletter, which you can sign up for now.

So, visit her site and blog, then come back next Thursday for an interview with Sylvia Dickey Smith. And, oh yeah, she’s going to be giving away a free book to a Straight From Hel reader, so look for instructions on how to throw your name in the hat for that!


  1. I'm primed and ready, Helen! I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the... well maybe!

  2. Honesty is good, but fiction is better. Luckily, Sylvia combines it all -- she's a good fiction writer, honest.


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