Friday, January 18, 2008

A Closet Library

Hopefully, what you’re seeing is a picture of my office library. Unless I’ve messed up. In which case, you’re seeing nothing but text.

Some people asked about the library my husband built for me in my office closet. So I decided to take a picture of the back wall where most of the books are stored.

The top three shelves are autographed books. The bottom four shelves are other books. What you can’t really see in this picture is a long shelf that runs along the side wall. That shelf is filled with resource books. On the other wall are scripts and audio books.

The closet door isn’t very wide, so it wasn’t easy to get a picture. I would have liked to somehow get a shot of the full closet, but that wasn’t possible.

Okay, I admit – it’s not terribly interesting. And it’s certainly not a big library. But I like it. I’m already just about out of shelf space, though. Still, it’s nice to walk in and find a resource book, or browse the shelves to see if there’s a book I haven’t read yet.

I used to think, man, I’ve got too many books. Then I’ve visited some friends’ houses and realized that I’m not nearly the book hoarder I thought. I’ve got friends who have double-stacked books in every room in their houses. So, if my husband tells you I have too many books, don’t believe him. And now you have a picture to prove he’s wrong.

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