Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Reality Butts into the Holidays

With New Year’s only a few days away, we’re still in the midst of the holiday season, even though some of you may have returned to work today. Even if you’re still on vacation, you, along with just about everyone, are beginning to think about the last of the holiday cards that will trickle into your mailbox, only to be quickly replaced by the bills.

By the time the ham and turkey buzz has worn off, the reality hits you smack in the face with a happy new year in your mailbox. So, as you’re opening your bills and reminding yourself to stick to your budget next year, I thought I’d remind you of your fellow writers still on strike.

Yep, we haven’t talked much about it and there hasn’t been much in the news, but the strike goes on. You probably are reminded of it when you watch all the reruns on TV. And you may be wondering when new shows will start and hoping there will be something besides reality and game shows on in the Spring.

Even though the news media isn’t mentioning the strike anymore, you can still keep up on the progress by reading the blogs or checking sites, like WGA Supporters, Writers Guild of America West, Writers Guild of America East, and United Hollywood.

So, as you’re watching the bills come in and feeling your paycheck get doled out to credit cards, remember the striking writers who haven’t been able to work during the strike. You may not write for Hollywood, but all writers have commonalities, including credit card bills.

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