Friday, November 16, 2007

Susan Wittig Albert, New York, and A Meme on Blogging

Happy Friday, everyone. Today is a wrap-up day.

First off, thank you to everyone who dropped by Straight From Hel yesterday to read Susan Wittig Albert’s post on The Narrator and to those who posted comments and questions. I wish everyone who registered for the drawing for a copy of her book, The Tale of Hawthorne House, could win one, because it’s a great book. But there are only three copies to give away, so good luck to everyone who entered. And you can still enter until noon the 18th!

I loved Susan’s post. Such a great explanation of the use of the narrator, complete with examples from her writing.

Another thing of note: In my post on November 14th, I told you about New York’s new tax that could possibly kill affiliate business for e-retailers like Amazon. And, of course, that would eventually trickle down and greatly affect authors selling their books online.

Well, according to the New York Times, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer called a halt to efforts to collect a sales tax on internet sales made through any affiliate in the state. He’s ordered the Department of Tax and Finance to “pull back its interpretation that would require some Internet retailers that do not collect sales tax to do so."

Yea! That’s good news for writers.

And lastly, Mike French has tagged me with a meme called “It’s All About You.” I told him I wasn’t sure I had enough interesting things to say about me, but the good news is that his questions are really about blogging, so I’m looking forward to tackling the subject. I’ll post my answers on Monday. In the meantime, you can go to his blog and see his creative answers. Hint: He’s techie enough to have done a video! You won’t be seeing that from me, so enjoy his!

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