Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Finding Interesting Blogs

Blogs are amazing. If you’ve been visiting blogs, you’ve probably looked at those directly related to the field you work in, like blogs on fiction writing, or developing characters, or nonfiction books, or marketing, or whatever you feel you need to learn about.

Since you’re reading Straight From Hel, I assume you’re interested in writing. I sort of cover all the bases here, from marketing your book, to querying agents, to writing characters, description and more, to writing press releases, to what’s going on in the publishing world, etc.

The more you visit blogs, the more blogs you find that you want to bookmark and revisit. You also find some that are interesting, but perhaps not something you’d go back and visit every day.

I found one of those today. It’s called Get Back in That Room. Doesn’t sound writing related, yet it is. (Besides, who I am to judge a blog by its title, considering mine is called Straight From Hel?) Get Back in That Room is about the writers’ strike. Primarily, it’s an ever-building list of those people behind the scenes who have lost their jobs due to the strike. I’m sure it’s not a comprehensive list, but at the moment it’s at 484 people.

You may not know any of the people listed, but you probably know some or many of the shows they represent, so it’s interesting to scroll down the list.

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