Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I'll Show You My Secrets If You'll Show Me Yours

Recently, Rebecca Camarena of Chitchat and All That tagged me to write 8 things about myself and my writing that others may not know.

This is difficult since after 8 years of doing a weekly e-newsletter and a year of blogging, I feel like readers know just about everything about me. But here goes …

1. I recently took on a project for Texas State Technical College. They assign me articles for their planned book called TechCareers. My first project is on the Biomedical Tech career. I knew nothing about Biomedical Technicians and what they do. But that was one thing that drew me to the project – the chance to get to learn about the field.

2. I’ve written a variety of things in my lifetime from screenplays to short stories to books. In the past ten years, I settled on books. But in the last few months, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing freelance. Another reason for taking on the TSTC project.

3. Yesterday I joined Freelance Austin, at the urging of a friend. Making moves down this freelance path I’ve stepped onto.

4. Haven’t given up manuscripts, though. I’m constantly looking for character names. I see them in road signs, town names, on TV show and movie credits, names of people in the news. Quirky names, funny names, descriptive names. When I find something that strikes me, I write it down.

5. I have to have quiet to write or, more specifically, to think. If the TV’s on or my husband is upstairs on the phone, I keep drifting off to the outside noise. The TV has to go off. I close my office door. Even music bothers me. I start singing along and totally lose my thoughts.

6. Probably like everyone else older than 30, I started out writing longhand on paper. Not on a typewriter and certainly not with a computer. As computers became prevalent, I knew I was hopelessly stuck on paper. If I wrote it longhand, I could then transcribe it. But to think as I typed? No way. Ideas flowed from a pen, not a keyboard. Now I do all my writing by computer. And, as a result, my handwriting that as a kid I practiced diligently and made soft curlicues and loops – gone, kaput, transformed to chicken scratch.

7. I’ve written for as long as I can remember. In high school, I wrote books, one hand-written page at a time. I don’t have any of them, though. As I wrote a page, friends would take it and read then pass it on. Back then, I wrote what was probably romance, except all my stories had tragic endings.

8. In college I wrote poetry. Yeah, just like everyone else. Angst ridden. Anti-war. Love gone wrong. Love gone good. Can’t remember writing a lick of poetry since.

Now, here are 8 other writers I tag to tell us about themselves and their writing. I’ve listed a couple who don’t have blogs. They’re welcome to post it here on mine.

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  1. Rebecca.Camarena10/02/2007 11:36 PM

    congratulations Helen, you did it! even after you thought there was nothing to talk about. Sorry, for the short notice and tagging your without introducing myself. I believe I found you over at blogcatalog in one of the writing groups. Very nice to meet you I shall check back often with your blog. Cheers! Rebecca

  2. laura@writingthoughts.com10/03/2007 6:20 AM

    Hi Hel!

    Thanks for tagging me. I think I did a similar meme already. If I can find the link, I'll post it here in the comments.

  3. Hello Rebecca and Laura. I've been tagged before to say 5 things about myself, but this was a little different since it involved things about myself and my writing. Made me think! Nice to "meet" you Rebecca.

  4. Whoa, Helen, it was quite a challenge to write something in response to your tag that might halfway interest my Redneck Crime readers, but I had fun doing it. Thanks for thinking of me (I think!). My answers, of course, are posted on my blog.

  5. Thanks for tagging me, Helen. I've answered the tag.

  6. I read your post, David. It was interesting to see what drew you into writing. It sounds like you put a lot of time and research into your books. When you decide to write fiction, it'll be interesting to see how that compares to nonfiction for you.

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