Friday, September 07, 2007

Jan Grape and Rick Riordan

On the flight home from our trip to the northwest, I had a book in the briefcase, but it wasn’t easy to get to, so I grabbed the Southwest Airlines magazine, Spirit. I was happy to discover there was an article titled, “Put the Mystery into Your Travel.” So, I turned right to it.

The article is about mystery authors who are very good at setting. They establish “place” almost as another character. So much so that readers can almost use their books as tour guides.

I was excited to see that two of my favorite authors were listed for Texas. Representing Austin is a friend of mine, Jan Grape. They listed the first book, Austin City Blue, in her series. For San Antonio, they recommended Rick Riordan for his series starring protagonist Tres Navarre. It was so much fun to see them there and getting the recognition they deserve. Considering the thousands of people who fly Southwest and that the magazine will be in each seatback for the entire month, this should be great publicity for all the authors listed.

I emailed Jan and Rick the next day, congratulating them. Haven’t heard from Rick, but Jan emailed back. She didn’t even know about the article!

Happy Sales to both Rick and Jan, both of whom are great writers.


  1. Hi Helen!
    I didn't know you had a blog--fantastic. Like Jan we didn't know about the SW magazine. I've told my parents to pick up a copy when they go on their SW flight. I
    hope you(and Jan too!) are doing well. Rick has been out of town
    talking to schools in Houston all
    week. If you want to see something
    *interesting* check him out at the Decatur Book Festival this past Labor Day Weekend:
    Becky Riordan

  2. Hi Becky. I am so glad I stumbled on the article so both Rick and Jan could find out about it. Everybody go see Rick's YouTube video. It's great!


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