Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Books and Gallery

One thing I like to do when traveling is visit local bookstores. Haven’t come across many independents on this trip, but I did see two in Sheridan, Wyoming. Sheridan is not that big, only about 25,000 people, but for Wyoming, that’s a fairly large city. Not only did Sheridan have two bookstores, they were on the same street, only a block or so apart.

The one I’ll mention today is called Books and Gallery. If I remember right, it was at 206 N. Main Street, right in the hub of downtown, on the same side of the street as King’s Saddlery and close to the Mint Bar (both famous places in Sheridan).

Books and Gallery isn’t huge, but it’s a nice size with lots of books and a fairly large children’s section. Not a lot of comfortable chairs for checking out books or reading, but there was a couch in the back of the store. I liked the store as soon as I went in because it was well lit and seemed cheerful. That might have been due to the people in the store who were laughing and talking to the proprietor.

If you’re going to Sheridan, check out their interesting website, then stop by the store.

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